How to get blueberry stains out of car upholstery.

My most sincere apologies to those of you who waited around for a post about pie on Wednesday.  I wanted to post it, but each day I tried to, there was so little time at home, and none of that was intended for blogging.

So the whole thing started with pre-made crust, something I would normally not do, but since I had actual calculus homework and a test the next day – this was just an extra nerdy part of calculus, not graded… – I forwent the homemade crust.

But I did make the filling from scratch, using lovely frozen blueberries.

And made the top look pretty by weaving the crust strips.  (My mom likes to remind me of how I used to call them “dough straps” when I was younger and would watch her make pies.)

Then I sprinkled a little Cinnamon Sugar on it from Penzey’s (nothing less than the very best in the organic spice world) and put the beauty in the oven.

We celebrated pi day quite well.
Minus the fact that the blueberry pie threw up on the seat of my car on the way to school. So, after I gave it a good four days to seep in, I grabbed my Spot Bot, and we went to clean Audrey.
It worked.
So now it’s just a beautiful day, one where there is hope for me to abandon the paleness of my skin.
That’s what you’re supposed to do in spring break, right? It doesn’t matter than I’m not in Mexico, Hawaii, or Italy. I can change my skin pigment right here at home. Slowly but surely, with this strangely warm and beautiful weather, I will use these weak northern rays of sun to my advantage.
Ah. The smell of spring. The feeling of sunshine on my arms and legs so long shrouded by layers of fabric. No more. It’s time to smell the flowers even though they make me sneeze because the simple action is a time to pause and breathe in something wonderful. To renew.
That will be my theme this spring break, renewing. Breathing deeply, enjoying the little things, spending time with my sister, reading my Bible, and getting filled up.
Recharging batteries. And I guess ill be productive on the side. Like cleaning Audrey. I guess cleaning fits in with the theme of renewal. Getting stains out of my life, getting clothes up off the floor, doing laundry, taking a deep breath, and making things as good as new.
The whole week is ahead of me. Here. We. Go.


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