Strange apparitions of the afternoon

I just had one of the strangest dreams ever had during my Sunday afternoon nap.
So, naturally, I’m going to recount what I can remember to you. I only remember parts of it, but I faintly discern that the part I don’t remember well had something to do with getting mad at my mom for waking me up and a Culver’s in the Panama Canal to which I swam.
You’re starting to get the idea that I’m insane, aren’t you?
I literally woke up fifteen minutes ago, and a recent conversation with a fellow strange-dream-haver inspired me to write down some keywords so that I can document it for the whole world to read. How nice, right?
The part I can still picture began in a little bar. By little, I mean maybe ten feet long and three feet wide. There was no bartender or behind-the-bar area, and the walls were yellow and dirty-looking. Of course, in dreams, you can’t always control what your character does. It’s like a faulty video game. So I’m staring down the empty side of the bar out the door. I’m sure I wasn’t drinking because I was just a tagalong, and underage! My aunt and uncle (who just left us this afternoon after a lovely three day visit) were talking to my parents behind me about coming to see them.
My uncle was telling them about a hotel (which, oddly enough, I could see as he spoke about it.) where we could stay when we went to visit them in Texas. “its kind of rustic and not everything matches. But if you don’t like it, you can stay in a lower cabin down the road.” (they were like little cabins, precariously, vertically stacked, one on top of the other.)
As I sat there, his words faded away, so I guess they must have left me. (why would they leave me alone in a dirty bar?) Then I saw some big guys (reminiscent of the scene in the Snuggly Duckling in Tangled ) come and stand in the doorway, which, apparently was my cue to leave. I don’t remember walking through the door, but all of a sudden I was outside, watching a Claymation couple -where the woman was less than half the size of the man- kiss outside the bar.
Transportation is strange in these unconscious visions, isn’t it? Because I somehow ended up at my high school – which looked much older, scarier, bigger, and dirtier than my actual, lovely place of learning- for a musical practice. And what better musical to put on than High School Musical ? As we rehearsed a dance number, I remembered that Zac Efron was coming to be a guest performer in his original role as Troy… And what do you know? I, a tall blonde girl, would play Gabriella!
This sounds like it could end well, but don’t get too excited.
Apparently, Meghan Fox was there as well, playing in some minor role. The bane of every real girl’s existence. I haven’t met a single female who likes or respects her for any reason. So, of course, when Zac arrives for rehearsal -late- he heads straight for her. Even though I’m definitely playing his love interest! This dance number called for the group to be laying on the floor – almost like a bomb had gone off in the area- so in that low position I decided that I would protest Meghan Fox and leave.
I had to return some props first, so I had to sign in this basket that was my only prop, and I ran downstairs to a creepy pool room. I came to the end of the stairs, and the “pool” was in an ‘L’ shape in the corner. The water was thick and actually aqua colored with a little yellow around the edges. And it was opaque.
I think I had the feeling that I was being chased at this point and not by Zac Efron, so my panic was growing as I thought I saw something move in the water. Two young girls came down the stairs and – despite my protests- hopped straight into the murky depths.
Then they didn’t come back up for like 5 minus, and when they did, it was actually five girls. And they were my friends. One of them gave me a note partially written on pink doily-type paper, partly on a tissue.
But I never found out what the note said, because then I woke up.
Feel free to psychoanalyze me. I’m fairly certain that something is very wrong here.
On the up side, I got to eat a brownie and take a nap. And I get to go to church tonight.


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