Your typical spring/new beginnings post. or maybe not.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

frozen for so long,

ice and snow explodes

into a river,

flowing down my street.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

picking up debris

as it flows.

not a clean melt.

it wets my feet.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

like an awakening

bursting out of deadness

into new life

with a new beat.

the pulse goes drip, drip, drip.

After weeks of cold, winter winds, icy coatings on my windshield every morning, and surprise snow showers, things are melting.  Granted, tomorrow it’s supposed to snow again, but today is beautiful.  This is what March is supposed to feel like – 55 degrees is perfect.  I’ll take that any spring day.

I probably think about this every spring, along with 80,000 other thoughtful people in America who happen to like to write, but it’s still worth remembering: spring is a time for new beginnings.  Winter is the time of hibernation, deadness, less sunlight, and much less warmth, but spring is a wakeup call.  She says: Wake up! Feel again.  Clean out your heart and life and closet.  Feel the sun on your face, and don’t hide when the light exposes your failures.  Begin fresh again, even though you tried to do that on January 1st.  Such a pleasant lady, that Spring.

I watched the water run through the gutters as I went for a run today.  (It’s so interesting to me that there are SO many parallels to life and emotion in nature.)  The water was coming out of these huge piles of snow and running through the gutters, picking up all the silt, sand, salt, and dirt that accumulated there over the winter.  It’s not like it escaped the frozen life for a pleasure trip down the street.  There was certainly some yucky stuff in there, things I’m sure I don’t want to have delineated for me.  Isn’t like renewal in our lives?  We come out of darkness, being frozen to emotion or God, and we don’t immediately find a nice little pond surrounding by flowers where we can rest, right?  We have to push through the dirt that accumulated while we held off God’s spring cleaning or while we shut out all feeling so we could be safe.

Renewal isn’t pretty or easy, with all the things we have to get past in order to get there, but the end result is gorgeous…  if we can manage the upkeep.

Thank you, Jesus, for the bright sunlight and that there isn’t any need for a winter coat today.

Ahh.  Lovely.


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