Ashes and regrets and washcloths.

I ALWAYS forget about Lent. ALWAYS. I mean, it’s February, and we’re starting the Easter season, so it’s understandable that I’m still recovering from Valentine’s Day, right?
People all around me are giving things up: coffee, facebook, chocolate, etc. I was trying to think of what I could give up that would make me closer to God or have more time to spend with Him.
Idea #1 – give up homework. Tell my teachers that if it can’t be done in thirty minutes or less, it’s not going to be done. (not the most practical or realistic thing I ever came up with.)
Idea #2 – Give up coffee… Do I want to function over these forty days?
Idea #3- put aside a dollar a day to use for something worthwhile… Like giving it to the women’s center in my area! Now we’re getting somewhere.
Idea #4 – give up facebook like the rest of the world and just see if it hurts me at all.

I like 3 and 4, personally. I just feel so bad for not being intentional about Lent in all the other years of my life. Why do I always forget? I can think of maybe one other time that I’ve purposefully done something for every day of Lent, and that was just praying for a friend.
That’s a regret.
And now, the pattern shifts. Here I am, on Ash Wednesday, sitting with a warm washcloth in a Ziploc, making my resolution: I will give up Facebook and a dollar a day for Lent. I have to admit, it feels really good to have a plan. To have thought it all through and to have committed a couple more things to the Lord. Here ya go, Jesus. Take the time I might’ve spent on facebook and use it better. Take the dollar I might have bought coffee or French fries or gas with, and make it save babies.
Use the little things I offer you – along with myself- in ways that give you glory.
Here I am. Use me.


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