Salad in a tortilla and distinctions.

That is my lunch.  It looks like the beginnings of a wrap, doesn’t it?  Actually, no.  It’s a salad, inside of a tortilla.  and that’s all it is.  I literally just put ranch dressing on that and ate it.

Not like you wanted to hear about my pathetic excuse for the noontime meal, but I felt like sharing about salad in a tortilla.  It won’t be a trend, but it made for a good picture.

There’s a distinction there: not a wrap, but a salad inside of a tortilla.  It doesn’t quite reach the level of a wrap.  That usually constitutes having protein and cheese in it.

Other distinctions I made today while talking with a friend over enormous mugs of hot chocolate: I’m not dumb, but I am extremely forgetful in the wake of jet lag.  Also, there really is a difference between gossiping and talking about people in your lives.  (really, that’s not just rationalization.)  It all depends on motives, tone, and content.

Most enlightening distinction?  Realizing that there are at least two types of people who don’t care what people think:

1. The Individual  –  This person doesn’t care what people think about them on a social level and is relatively unconcerned about being accepted by people based on their personality.  They don’t look to others to determine their value.  (Smart.)

2. The Eccentric  –  This word brings up pictures of the guy who invented Flubber and people with crazy hair like Albert Einstein and Amy Winehouse.  But I’m talking about the person who is in their own little world.  They live in a reality that they’ve created where other people don’t matter – their opinions in particular, but also their feelings.

I think sometimes we think that in order to not care what other people think we have to be the Eccentric. I’ve been trapped there before, but tonight, realizing that there’s a distinction kind of set me free.  I can be free of wondering whether or not my peers value me and my opinions without completely obliterating any concern for them.  I can still make sure that my actions let them know that I value them and that they are valuable in God’s eyes without being trapped into wondering whether or not they consider me worth anything.

Not like I live in either category.  I’m not super concerned about what other people think, but I don’t want to be lumped into the other category of people who don’t care about others either.  I don’t want to lump myself in there.

It’s amazing what a little conversation and chocolate can bring up.


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