Saying “no,” junking, and going to bed early.

There are a lot of places where I feel at peace. Taking deep breaths in my lime green bedroom. Peaceful. Taking a walk on a starry night (with a flashlight and pepper spray). Peaceful. Writing a blog post. Peaceful. Using the bah salts my sister gave me. Peaceful. Drinking coffee and eating an English muffin with Jesus in the mornings. Peaceful. Acoustic sunset on Cities97. Peaceful. Talking to people who invite you to be yourself. Peaceful.
I could go on.
I had some not-peace this week. I was going to say unrest, but that makes it seem like a revolution or violent uprising of some sort. It was a lot simpler that that, just uneasiness. It seemed like this decision should be a no-brainer, benefits on all sides. But there was just something amiss. When I asked for clarity in decision making, God gave me a knot in my stomach.
Point taken. I said no. Got the peace back.
I think what I’m realizing lately is that staying in God’s will for my life doesn’t always look like I or anyone else would expect it to look like. Maybe that’s why it’s called “God’s plan,” since it’s so unpredictable and …. From Him.
I should remember that more often. God isn’t limited to the possible outcomes that I can see. I see choices A,B, and C, but God, being the infinite and all-seeing being that He is, sees more for me.
More. Ah. Wouldn’t I like to live for more? Answer: yes, yes I would. Thanks for asking.
God is faithful. Can I say that again? God is faithful
Now, to live like I believe that.

I would like to confess two things: 1) I ate more than my fair share of sweets today. Sorry if I took your share.
2) my resolution to keep my floor clean has not been kept.


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