COMMAND F, please.

I’ve been wanting time to blog all week, but the hectic lifestyle of jet lag has eluded me.  So, without further ado, my sherpa-blanket-wrapped self will blog.

I wish I had a “COMMAND F” keystroke for my life.  For those of you who aren’t as keyboard savvy as I am (that’s a joke, by the way), that is a way to find things.  I can hit, “COMMAND F” and find all the times an article online uses the word “hullabaloo.”  (not usually very many, unfortunately)

I wish I could use that in my life, to revisit all the times where I said, “I never want to forget….”  or “I won’t forget….”  Because I’m certain that I’ve forgotten the majority of them.  I know at least some of those “I won’t forget”s were about God’s goodness or about something neat He had done in my life.  Gosh darn it, I wish I could revisit those.

This is my way of making my own COMMAND F.  I’m documenting the fact that God is faithful here.  And here are a few of the ways:

1) I’m home safely from India, with a few minor physical issues, including some strange facial swelling and extended jet lag.

2) I have 5 opportunities to share what I’ve learned in India this week at church and school.  It’s really neat to have those because I’m not allowed to share details online. :( (I can’t express my sadness about not being able to inform the blogging community on the details…)

3) God is teaching me how to live His way.

I hate the words “spiritual high”, so I’m not going to say that I’m on one.  We Christians really need a new way to describe the feeling after experiencing a time that is really full of God.  Because feeling high on God has the potential to last forever – not just for a lifetime.  I don’t feel high…  not like I’d know what that felt like.  But the word induces connotations of chaos, hectic emotions, or if it’s not a stimulating drug, at least hormonal and physical chaos – the kind that causes crack addicts to die before their time.  (RIP Whitney Houston.  I wish she wasn’t just another example of what not to do with your life.)

No, this feeling, this closeness with the Creator of the universe isn’t some strange phenomenon like a high.  It feels like being at rest.  There are few people in my life where I am completely at rest, where I don’t feel the need to strive for their approval in any way.  God is one of them (obviously), and being in this state of closeness is the most peaceful rest I’ve ever experienced.  Life is hectic, and I’m still at least a week behind on my schoolwork, but there is peace in God’s presence.  And that is what keeps me craving Him.  (Okay, maybe the drug examples works, but I feel like that belittles God to an illegal substance.)  Seeing the difficult things I saw in the past few weeks, my heart was broken.

Yep, I asked for that.  Goal = achieved.  Seeing so many Hindus walking through the streets of Kalighat, so many of them begging next to the booths that sold objects for the worship of this god broke my heart.  Everyone’s looking for someone to worship, for a higher being to take care of them, for something to give devotion to.  Granted, if you’re an atheist, you think that higher being is yourself or maybe science.  But these Hindu people were devoting themselves to a bloodthirsty god, a god whom they appease, a god who doesn’t love them.  They live in fear of her, that she’ll cut them off from their karma or cause horrible things to happen to them if they don’t make sacrifices to her.

What kind of existence is that?  It sounds miserable to me, and if you look at these people you see the misery.

The companionship of my team was a quite different feeling.  I learned so much from these ladies (and man) about praying sincerely, expecting God to hear and answer.  I think I sometimes ask for things from God that are smaller than He is.  I mean, I’m praying to the God of the universe, and I don’t ask for miracles very often.  I usually ask for common things.  Not that asking for good memory on a test or a good day or for wisdom is small or insignificant, but when I serve a God who delights in achieving the impossible in a God-glorifying person’s life, why don’t I ask?

I’m asking.  I’m asking God to speak through me, to change hearts and lives because of what I share, and to change my life.  I’m asking Him to take me to more places I’ve never been, whether physically or just in different experiences.

Life isn’t boring when we surrender it to God.

Praise the Lord.

There are some pictures I can share with you, from Incredible India (that’s what they call it on the tourist posters, and it really is incredible).

the view out the bus window... the Red Fort is in the background

yes, that man is selling newspapers in traffic. I admire his pluck.

at India Gate, a memorial to the Indians who died in WWI.

Ghandi's last steps memorial

Humayun's tomb, which the Taj Mahal was modeled after!

the crazy outlets. they always had a switch next to them so you could cut the power off... result? too many lightswitches

Queen Victoria's palace in Delhi


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