This has to be short and sweet because I haven’t even tried to zip my suitcase yet.

This is my last post for a while – as I will be in India until February 4th.  I’m already learning, and I haven’t even gotten to the airport yet.  I can’t even imagine what I’ll be feeling when I come back.

I’ve been asking God over and over again to crush my heart for his children who are enslaved.  I want to be so torn apart for them that it moves me to greater action than I have taken.  So that I am able to make a difference by the grace of God.  That is my prayer.

If you don’t know much about human trafficking, I encourage you to educate yourself.  It seems like a small thing to do, like it couldn’t make a difference, but the more people who know what an atrocity it is, the more people we will have praying for the end of modern day slavery.  And once you hear about it, you won’t be able to keep it to yourself.  Ending the ignorance and apathy is the first step to ending slavery.

It’s not pretty, I can tell you that.  It won’t make your day brighter, and you might cry.  But I am certain that sorrow is a good thing in this case.  These people deserved to be cried over; don’t let the threat of a broken heart keep you from visiting these sites:


International Justice Mission

And now, with that exhortation, I will put the finishing touches on my bags.  Adios, WordPress people!

Lord willing, I’ll be back soon, with much to say.


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