This post is dedicated to Emma, faithful reader, exhorter, and subscriber.  YAY!

I’ve had three happy days this week.  Happy as in, even when things didn’t go my way it didn’t really matter.  I bounced around my house, smiled frequently, sometimes laughed while I was alone because I was just so happy.  And there really wasn’t any visible reason.  I didn’t have anything unusual happen to me this week, besides an extraordinary amount of homework.

Okay, maybe that’s not all true.

In the past few weeks, as I’ve been preparing to leave, I’ve been asking God to fill me with Himself.  And I think that these past three days have been the fulfillment of that request.  Nope, they weren’t perfect days, but I have this inexplicable joy in my heart, something I can’t create on my own.  (trust me, I try to be conjure it when I’m crabby some days.)

I’m being filled, hopefully in order to be poured out on someone else.  Someone else in India.

I have no idea why God is sending me there.  Really, as you might have reading in an earlier post, I’m not at all equipped for this.  I have no idea what it’s like to be in slavery.

But one thing I do know: that God has called me there.  I know that God has been pulling me to go since at least last March.  And I have yet to find out why.

Next step: put the things that I’ve piled up on my floor into my suitcase.

look at that lil thing. I put my purse next to it for scale. it's SMALL.

unzipping... hmmm, what will we find?

AHH! it's empty!

And now, I need to go pack.  and do homework.  or both.  but which one takes priority???


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