Film. And No Film.

Well, Minnesotans, they snow’s finally hit us.  After a day and a half of the light powder blowing everywhere, this stuff is going to stick.  At least for now. Long enough for me to scrape it off of my car tomorrow.  Then it’ll melt during the day, while I drive around.

Such is life.

I bought a polaroid camera the other day, best $5 I’ve ever spent at Goodwill.

Granted, the camera is useless right now as anything other than a lovely vintage piece of decoration.  It has no film.  And the normal solution to that would be to buy film…  Well, folks that film costs at minimum $21.99, mostly because it instantly develops and also because these cameras are super old.  Polaroid Sun600.  Who would have thought it would be at Goodwill with a little green sticker saying “$4.99” on it?

Sometimes, I feel like this camera.  I have great capabilities when I’ve got some necessary parts added to me, my “film,” but some days I’m empty and a little useless.  Polaroid Sun600 is meant to take pictures, something it can’t do in its present state.  I’m meant to…  well, the only certain things I know I’m meant to do is glorify God and live my life submitted to him.  That doesn’t require much from me except for submission.  God does most of the work there, just telling me what to do and how to do it.  I suppose sometimes my “missing film” is courage.  When Jesus says, See that guy standing behind you in the lunch line?  Yeah, him.  You should start a conversation with him.  You should step out of your comfort zone and show him that he doesn’t have to be lonely.  Okay, so that’s not usually the thing that requires a boatload of courage, but it’s things like that.  The small steps in faith that I hesitate to take because I’m not sure how many exposures I have left, if I have any, if they even make high quality pictures.

Where Polaroid Sun600 (gollee, he needs a better name.  Sunny?  Roy?  feedback?) needs film to do his job, I don’t.  Sunny/Roy/Polaroid Sun600 needs to have film.  Even the most skilled camera operator cannot take pictures on him without any. I, on the other hand, have a God who can use empty me.  He can use the small things that I have to offer.  Smiles, conversation, hugs, money, to change the world and to show it that He is God.

I have to say, that is darn amazing to me.


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