Juicy Fruit and Retrospect.

Juicy Fruit.  Ah.  The commercials made it look like the people chewing it were actually chewing fruit.  They looked blissfully happy and like they wouldn’t care to be doing anything else.

And Juicy Fruit was basically the forbidden gum.

If my mom bought gum, it was Dentyne Ice, the really strong minty kind or something with breath freshening power.  So she wasn’t anti-gum.  She was just anti- sugary-gum-that-doesn’t-freshen-your-breath.  I really wanted to chew Juicy Fruit, and I bought it with my own money once or twice, just to treat myself.  I can honestly say in retrospect that it wasn’t as tasty as the people made it look.  It was good, but after a few minutes the flavor was gone, and I didn’t want to chew anymore.

Last night, while my 7-year-old babysitting charge read to me, she was chewing Juicy Fruit.  I didn’t have to ask; the smell brought back the longing to chew sugary gum.  To spend my precious dollars on a pack with maybe 5 strips of gum in it.  Strips of gum where the flavor would be gone in about 3 minutes.

Just one of the things in this world that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I was thinking today again.  I was thinking about how I often make decisions based on what has been good in the past.  Or what I thought was good.  I make decisions based on other decisions that turned out well.  I try to apply the principles from some situations in my short history to the ones that I face today in order to make a choice.  That may be too vague to illustrate well.

I’ll give a more vivid example:  When I was eight, when I met another kid in the hallway, it was fun and safe for me to say hi and smile and be as friendly as I wanted to be.  (in most cases, that is.)  Now, like I sometimes want to, if I try to apply that principle to my life in Chicago next year, being super friendly and open with everyone I meet on the street, I could end up mugged, beat up, or dead.

See what I mean?  The principles don’t always fit.  Not that it isn’t true that friendliness is a good quality, or that if you are a friend you’ll have friends, but when I try to squeeze 8-year-old reasoning into a 17-year-old’s circumstances it’s like I’m trying to put pieces from two different corners of a puzzle together.

Not that I can’t learn from my past decisions that worked, but I’m learning that things aren’t always right.  That sometimes things are good for a time and then they aren’t anymore.  And, since I am someone who wants the best God has to offer me, I need to know when things are good and when they are not.

*sigh* This life is always about reevaluating, isn’t it?  I guess that’s what keeps us sharp and in line with God’s will.


by the way, in case you were curious.  this is my 100th post here on wordpress.  :)  woohoo!  *throwing confetti and blowing kazoos*

One thought on “Juicy Fruit and Retrospect.

  1. I loved this! I know exactly what you mean. I find myself reevaluating a lot…

    Like Juicy Fruit, do you remember the Zebra tattoo gum? It was always so much fun as a kid and I always remembered it tasting amazing. But after revisiting it, the tattoos don’t work as well, and the gum tastes terrible after a few minutes; just like Juicy Fruit.
    Some things are better left as memories. Especially when everything is so great to a kid discovering new things every day.

    But again, this was a great post, Ashley!

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