believing the unbelievable.

This is the airport in New Delhi, India.

I will walking through that airport in about 25 days, give or take about 10 and a half hours for the time difference.

About two nights ago, I was sitting in my bed at about 10:30, talking to Jesus about various things.  I was praying about this upcoming trip to India, when – all of a sudden – I believed it.  I believed that I was going.  The whole incredible journey no longer seemed like a pipe dream, a faraway aspiration that would be really neat and all but wasn’t actually going to happen.

Maybe it’s the fact that the number of days left on my countdown aren’t in the 60’s anymore.  Maybe it’s because I have all of my funds raised (all thanks to the God who always provides for me when He calls me).  Maybe it’s because my application for my visa finally went through.

Either way, ever since then I’ve had excitement in my diaphragm.  I know that sounds weird, but there’s this excited little bonfire going on in there – a literal burning of excitement whenever it crosses my mind, which is often.  And it’s real now.  I can see myself getting on a plane to Amsterdam along with 8 others from Minnesota to meet up with the rest of our team on a layover.  I can see myself putting on a floor-length skirt and long scarf in the morning (when it feels like afternoon to my jet-lagged self).  I can see myself picking at curry-loaded food, then grabbing trail mix from my bag as an alternative.  (I can also see myself coming back from the 12 days of consuming little food having lost weight.)

The details are invisible to me, and I could not say what God will teach me, who I will meet, what I will eat, or how many times God will break my heart for the injustices that break His, but I know this.  He is sending me, and He has gone before me.  My little worries about not being able to fit all the necessities into my 22” suitcase, forgetting my toothbrush, getting sick, or being inadequate are pointless.  Particularly the being inadequate anxiety.  Max Lucado wrote something that I have been holding on to as I prepare to go:

“God does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called.”

Amen, Max.  Amen.  Looking at the people God chose to use in the Bible, it’s evident that God did not call people who were cut out for the job, but, rather, He taught them to be the people they needed to be in order to do His work.

Now, I just have to find the perfect suitcase and fill it.  Ready, set, go.

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