How great our joy.

This isn’t an uncommon occurrence, but someone said something to me recently that made me think.

“Jesus takes great joy in caring for you, His child.”

Joy, in taking care of me.  The comment was made in reference to my story about getting in a minor car accident because of a stupid mistake I made with my windshield wipers.  I had realized that I didn’t need to worry about all the bad consequences of my stupidity because God knew all the ways that the situation could turn out for good, and He would use them.   I chose peace in that situation, and when my friend made that comment, I had to just sit back on my yoga ball for a minute.

Joy?  In cleaning up after me?  I just knocked this lady’s taillight apart.  I could have avoided that accident, totally.  It was so STUPID.  I’m kicking myself… and Jesus is happy about making my situation better?  Man, He’s so… holy…different.  

I just really don’t understand that.  When I’m babysitting and the child spills cheerios all over the floor or spits up on me, I don’t take that much joy in cleaning up after them.  If the kid is cute enough, I’m not too annoyed, but it’s not a joy.  

I take joy in lots of things: christmas, because it’s the celebration of the greatest Gift on earth, the most wonderful time of the year; having extended family around, since we only see them once or twice a year; I take great joy in seeing people who have experiences with God – you know, when you’re leading worship and you see that one person in the back who just has the most sincere look on their face, like they are talking straight to God – and when people tell me about what God’s doing in their lives; and… I have to say this…  I take great joy in blogging. :)  I think that might be obvious by now.

Maybe if I was a mother I could understand the joy that Jesus gets in making me all better. (I’m picturing myself back in my high chair, eating applesauce, but this time it’s Jesus who gets the wet rag to wipe the apple-drool off of my face.)  It’s a humbling place for both of us, me having to surrender my so-called “control” over the situation and get help, and Jesus, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe (no biggie), making right my wrongs.

It’s all the more reason to love Him.
How great my joy.

Merry Christmas, everyone :)


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