victory over visa

How many stories of God’s faithfulness will I have to recount before I get the point that I don’t ever need to worry?  Obviously, a lot.  Maybe I just enjoy worrying or something.

Yeah, right.

Anyways, the faithfulness story of the day begins with a visa application.  In order to go to India, I need to get a visa, so, about a week and a half ago – after I’d made absolutely sure that I had my visa pictures, my passport, pictures of my parents drivers’ licenses and expired passports (now those were funny to see), the check for a crazy amount of money, and the paperwork to boot – I FedExed the whole lot to Chicago.  Hooray! I thought. I’ll have a visa within the week.  But, no.  After they received the carefully mailed bundle, they sent me an email saying that the pictures of my parents’ passports (required since I’m a minor) were missing.

I was SO sure that they were in there.

SO sure.

But I sent them another copy anyways, just to be nice.  I didn’t want to complain to them about losing some of my papers.  But then, right after they get said papers, they send another email: “Application cannot be processed.” with no reason why and no explanation of what to do next.  So this morning, I hopped on the phone, sat on hold for 15 minutes, then, in the two minutes I got to talk to a representative she told me that both of my parents (who haven’t left the country since college, as far as I know) need to have valid passports in order for me to leave the country. I had a moment of panic as I remembered how long it took for me to get my passport three years ago.

So, I did what all panicky children do.  I called my daddy.  And I prayed.  If this is a sign that you don’t want me to go… well I don’t like it.  Ah, just please work it out, God!

Why did I even worry? For Pete’s sake, Ashley, has God ever let you down?  Don’t you know that India is where God wants you?  Didn’t he provide over $3,000 for you to go?  Didn’t he set the opportunity in your lap??  That’s right.  All yeses.  So you just stop worrying and watch him work.  So, I waited, and about an hour ago, my mom notified me that my dad had found out from the visa application rejecters that if we got a notarized letter saying that my parents don’t have valid passports, that would suffice.

Simple fix.  One I would never have thought of, just as I would not have seen that obstacle coming – of course, Satan wanted me to be discouraged and think I couldn’t go.  Of course he’d want me to think that I have no business going and that the visa being rejected is a sign that I shouldn’t go.

HA, Satan.  HA!  MY God takes care of me.  He has bigger plans than I can even imagine, and because he never lets me down, I’m trusting him.

Together, we can’t be derailed.


2 thoughts on “victory over visa

  1. Ashley, I enjoyed reading your Visa saga. Brady had a similar experience going to Canada this summer. Long story, but simple fix also. You gotta love the US Government and all THEIR rules. Wayne

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