making deals with God.

I made a deal with God a couple weeks ago.  It was at at time when I was fretting… Never a good thing to do.  The fretting was over the huge sum of money needed to go to India in January.  It’s a big-un, folks.  So my conversation with God went a little like this (it was very one-sided).

Hey God.  Thank you so much for that opportunity you gave me to go to India to serve you.  Remember that price tag on the trip?  Remember how when I first heard about the trip it was no biggie, because I knew that you were calling me to this trip, so I decided I would trust you to provide the money?  I remember that too, but it’s getting a little more difficult.  I have two months til departure, and I have $140.  That won’t even get me on the plane, much less give me a place to stay and food to eat while I’m there.  So, this is me reminding you that I have faith that you will provide.  This is your little reminder.  Here, I’ll even add something to it: when you provide all that money for me in a miraculous way (I knew it would have to be a miracle because the time was getting so short), I’ll proclaim it all over the place.  Heck, I’ll blog about it.  It’ll be all over the internet, and my seven subscribers will be overjoyed that you are so faithful.  Whew.  Okay, get going on that, please.  I love you, Amen.

Now, for the PROCLAMATION of the MIRACLE: I was handed a check written out for $2,000 last week.  Now, if that’s not a miraculous provision from God, I don’t know what is.  Have you ever received a completely unearned check for $2,000?  Well, I bet that was a miracle too.  In addition to that, my church is supporting me and my support letters have brought me up to a point where the only funds I will need is that $140 I had saved up.


I’ll do it myself.  Hallelujah.

I never should have gotten into that pit of doubt where I didn’t think God would provide for something He called me to. Would that even make sense for Him to do?  Hey, Ashley.  I want you to go to India, but I’m not going to provide a way for you to get there.  I’m going to stomp on your fundraising and close every possible door so that you feel completely discouraged.  That is not my God.  I know that He doesn’t always make my way paved with smooth stones and lined with rosebushes, but when He asks you to do something for HIM, He will make a way.  We work alongside Him to make His kingdom come.

Praise Jesus.  And this is a link to the song my heart is singing now.



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