an adventure with sort of making Thai food.

I’m making this post bold.  All of it.  Because I’ve had three cups of coffee today, so bold just fits.  

There were two options on the docket tonight for dinner: drive through Culver’s and use my ten Scoopie meal tokens to get a free Team Scoopie meal, or make stir fry and sticky rice.

I chose the latter.  Partly because I am saving the tokens for a busier day, partly because I needed to have a healthier meal than a corn dog and french fries.  Partly because I just didn’t really want to take the effort to drive there.

When you make dinner for one, it’s easy to be like hmmmm, we have chips.  We have salsa.  There’s peanut butter in the pantry, bread on the counter, jelly in the fridge.  actually, I could just eat popcorn.  And there are a lot of days that I do that, but NOT TODAY, PEOPLE!  

Today, I cook.  

(and document with pictures.)

So we start out asking google how exactly you cook Thai sticky rice, because we’re out of Basmati.  Google gives us instructions, and off we go.

Then we chop the strange assortment of vegetables that were in the fridge: carrots, red onion, and a few sugar snap peas.  They go in the pan with the coconut oil.

they say the more colors you have in a meal, the healthier it is.... purple, red, orange, green = we're good!

looks like chapstick, feels like chapstick, sort of smells like chapstick, but use it to stir fry something and it does not taste like chapstick! (thankfully)

coconut oil = chapstick wannabe

Then we look in the fridge again, hunting for more veggies, and there it is.  A red bell pepper.  The giant knife comes out and again and chops off a quarter of it to hastily add to the pan.  

When the rice pan starts smoking, we realize that the directions found via google missed a very important instruction: stir.  So there’s burned rice all over the bottom of said pan, and we’re going to have a fun time washing that later.  (this is the part where you offer to wash my dishes for me.)

steamy rice... a little smokey... a little burned...

that's going to be fun to wash.

When it’s all done cooking, we pile it into a bowl with a little more sea salt and some soy sauce and discover that we are good cooks.  I’m not sure why I included you in that, but I hope it was fun for you to join my cooking endeavor. 


In church this morning, I was reminded of that question that comes back every Christmas.  a baby?  really?  Who would send a baby?

The fact that God sent a lil baby to be born in a stable when everyone was expecting a glorious king reminds me that God fulfills promises and answers prayers in ways we wouldn’t always expect.  Because, really, when what you need is a king, who would send you a baby?  Babies aren’t good rulers.  They have to become adults before they can really benefit a people in the way Israel was expecting.  People rejected Jesus because He wasn’t what they were expecting – I don’t want to do that.  How horrible would it be to be long-awaiting something, then when it comes, you’re too blind in your expectations to see the thing for its real value?  Because, obviously, God knew what Israel needed – and He sent it in the perfect way at the perfect time.  And He knows what I need and will send it at the right time.  

It feels good to be in the hands of someone like that.



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