Today was one of those days where the hustle and stress almost made me lose my mind. It definitely made me lose some of my joy. To be sure, it doesn’t help when your car greets you in the morning by not starting. Really, Audrey, what was that all about?

Right about now, I’m tempted to rant. To describe the things that ticked me off today, the people who made my life difficult, the things that went wrong, the little circumstances that seemed to color the day black.
It’s time for another blessing count. I have to do this to be sure that I’m not missing God’s goodness to me.

  1. My dad scraped my car off and jumped it for me so I got to school in time for worship team practice.
  2. My hair behaved all day.
  3. At the choir/orchestra concert tonight (where my roles were to be an alto/tenor in choir and accompany the orchestra on piano), the singing went splendidly, and I later found out that no one could hear my blunders on the piano.
  4. Also, the orchestra teacher brightened my day. Even when I wonder if I’m really worth having as an accompanist since I really never get any of the pieces right, she always ends the night by thanking me genuinely and saying she loves me.
  5. The songs that we got to practice beforehand went well in chapel (the other ones are a totally different story.)
  6. My footie pajamas are comfy.
  7. As of right now, I think I can pass my calculus test tomorrow.
  8. God is faithful, all the time.

Those days where I shunt Him aside, focusing on my own grumpiness and how put out I am, I lose sight of how blessed I am. I miss His goodness, which is such a huge loss. Since He is everything good and perfect in my life, without Him, I am missing the good, the perfect.

What sounds good right now is thanking Jesus for being faithful… Then going to sleep after this long, long day.

To read more about my thoughts on seeing Jesus for who He is and surrendering to Him, check out this other super cool blog that I started contributing to this week! At: churchwith.us


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