consistency and needs

I have a small obsession with just about any food comprised of cheese, tomato sauce, and a type of carbohydrate.  I’ve noticed this pattern before, but it’s quite apparent in my diet for today.  One of two school lunches that I like is Italian Dunkers, so I paid $3.85 for that one today.  Then I came home and found myself with a craving for pizza…  solution?  Pizza made on English muffins.  Then, when my mom decided that she was going to use the leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, and veggies to make a Turkey Pot Pie (which I, as a non-meat eater, will not participate in consuming), I looked in the fridge for an alternative.

And what do you think I found?  Tomato pasta sauce.  Yep, it’s going on pasta tonight.  Maybe I’ll add some parmesan to keep things consistent.

It’s a perfect trifecta – the fruit, dairy, and carb combo – that can be used in a million different combinations. I would love to send a thank you card to whoever actually invented pizza, because it’s the one staple in my diet that I would not be able to survive without.

Speaking of other things that go well together – heat and winter go really well together.  As in, having heat indoors and winter outdoors.  Right now, we’re missing both.  Furnace guys came to today to do a “tune-up”, which turned into my parents being told that we have to replace our furnace.  (hooray, we’ll get another new inanimate object, AND WE CAN NAME IT!  any name ideas?)  Also, winter is missing outside.  I keep checking the weather to see when those flurries are coming – which is never.  the 7-day forecast has nothing for us.

I think that Minnesotans will go crazy without snow, literally.  It’s part of our identity.  MinneSNOWta, right?  We define ourselves very closely with the weather of our state, and though we complain about it, we still take pride in the fact that we can survive and thrive in a cold state.  Cold is an understatement most winters, really, unless you consider thirty below “chilly.”  Without the flakes from November through March, we won’t know what to do with our shovels.  Our snow boots will get lonely – we might start wearing them just because we miss them so much.  We’ll sing “Let It Snow,” and gaze out the window with wistful expressions, feeling as though we’ve been sent back to childhood when snow actually was magical.  Funny, the people who wrote the song didn’t have anywhere to go.  They were just going to sit by the fire and pop corn.  We Minnesotans have places to go, people to see, school to attend (even on days when any other state would issue a snow day), but we still need snow.

Sure, when it comes we’ll complain about how slippery it is.  We’ll groan when we see our driveways covering quickly in inches of wet snow (the heaviest kind).  We’ll say in February how ready we are for spring to come.  But without snow, we have an identity crisis.  December and Christmas can’t come without snowflakes.

Jesus, that was a cry to you for some whiteness.  We’re losing it here.


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