window boxes and closed doors. also, Justin Bieber.

I came downstairs to hang out while my parents have their small group meeting upstairs and found that Justin Bieber was playing on our computer. I didn’t start that. There are two other Chloe users in my house – by name, Mom and Dad… I’m not sure which one has become a JB aficionado, but I hope that was just a freak mistake.

Today, the Vikings played again. I don’t even know who they played. I just know that they always lose now, something that has become an expectation for us Minnesotans. My dad actually watched a good portion of the game after we decorated our Christmas tree (my mom and I wouldn’t let him leave to watch the game until we’d thoroughly covered our Christmas tree, named – just like we name every inanimate object in my family – Harry with all our special ornaments.), and when he finally came back upstairs the question was, “have the Vikings lost yet?”, not “did the vikings lose?” It’s forgone conclusion now.

At least there are some certainties in life.

The saying, “When God closes a for, he opens a window,” has proven to be very true lately. I’d lined up a babysitting job for Saturday night, income that is much needed as I’m trying to raise a 4-digit sum for my trip to India, but since the poor little girl had food poisoning on Thanksgiving, they went to see family on Saturday.

Door, closed.

Around 12:45 on Saturday, as I’m sitting on the couch after going for a run, I got a phone call from a lady who has four boys and needed to take her husband shopping for some new suits.

Window, opened.

Last week I found out that since I’m planning on going into college as a transfer student I’m not eligible for as much scholarship money anymore. One of these scholarships that I can’t be a part of anymore was a competition that was going to take place the first weekend in March. I had applied to the United States Senate Youth Program (which happens to include a $5,000, one time scholarship) back in October, a week in D.C. that begins that same weekend. The door to the competition had closed, but if I get accepted to the USSYP, there might be an open window. I like that image of God opening windows when He closes doors. I get this picture of a really happy guy opening some windows to water his window boxes of flowers.

Kind of like these.

can't you just see some really smiley guy opening the windows to check on his flowers?

I may have taken that illustration a little too far, but I’m still grateful for the windows.  Sometimes they’re a little harder to climb into or out of, and sometimes we have to provide a ladder to get in the open window, but hey, it’s open.


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