Lotion, excess, and some mixed feeling about snowflakes

Tis the season when my hands turn purple (for uncertain reasons possibly pertaining to bad circulation) and crack and bleed with the slightest of scratches.  So, along with that, tis the season of moisturizers.  Everywhere.  I’ve got at least two in my bathroom, and we’re not talking Bath & Body Works smelly stuff here.  One is a heavy-duty jar of CeraVe cream (sounds really fancy, doesn’t it?), and the other is a giant pump of Lubriderm.  Then – we venture into my car, where there are two almost empty tubes of lotion, nearly used up from all the hasty rubbings-on at stoplights.  Go back inside, and you’ll find that lotion is everywhere.  It’s in my kitchen, a drawer in my sister’s bed, on my bedside table, in the guest room; there are at least three different ones in my parent’s bathroom, and goodness knows how many in my mom’s stash.

We like lotion here, mostly because we have very dry skin.  I just examined my typing fingers to see that my hands are, indeed, purple.  And there are some very rough spots where the skin is threatening to crack.  Sometimes I feel like my skin: a little off-color and with areas that are perforated, on the verge of breaking apart.  My whole body doesn’t suffer from that dryness, just a few spots: knees, elbows, hands, sometimes my nose too.

I find that to be very true in life, that we’re very rarely all dry.  Or maybe I should speak in the singular.  I rarely find myself in a desert, but then again, the oases aren’t exactly plentiful either.

Maybe it’s better illustrated with a story from my childhood: I didn’t love raisin bran.  The raisins felt weird in my teeth, and the bran part was barely tolerable to me.  But when the cereal company started putting little Sesame Street (by the way, that’s the only show I’ll ever let my kids watch. Just in case you didn’t know.) beanie babies in the boxes, I would eat through a whole box to get those little prizes.  It’s like living through the mundane, stressful, or frustrating parts of my day because there are beanie babies to be found.  Not literally – usually – but in the small blessings of the day.  For instance, even though my homework load is nothing to scoff at (or procrastinate with) tonight, I have no other obligations.  And there is a delicious chocolate cake in my house.  And I get to park my car in the garage for a couple nights.  But, then again, the reason I can is because my dad is gone on another business trip.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that life is a mixed bag.

And it took me a good three paragraphs to get to that.  I think I have issues with conciseness.

Either way, I’m grateful (highlighting the grateful, because I’m focusing on thankfulness this week.  and I should just focus on that all the time) because though the ratio of desert/oasis experiences sometimes fluctuates, there is always something redeeming.

Snow is forecasted for Saturday.  On the one hand, I’m excited that before we decorate our Christmas tree next Friday there’ll be some whiteness on the ground.

BUT, I hate scraping off my car.  And I don’t like wearing snow boots.  And my warm winter coat is too small.

Then again, snow is magical.  It’s not all bad.

It’s not all good either.

And now I need to start my homework.


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