alive against all odds.

Okay, so getting teeth pulled isn’t supposed to be that big of a deal, but I would compare it to when it’s a hot day and the swimming pool looks like it will be refreshing – then you get completely submerged and realize with shock that it’s actually like 30 degrees in the pool.

30 degrees, it’s about the temperature that I’ve been trying to keep my inflated face at for the past few days.  After a little incident where we found out that next time I need painkillers we’re not asking for Vicodin yesterday, I have a new pill to take and am keeping mushy food down just fine.  Healing is on the way.

I have to just make a little insight here about attitude.  For one thing, really strong narcotics affect your mood greatly.  For another, when you don’t see the end to your pain, smiles are hard to achieve.  I so admire people who suffer through long illnesses now.  After just three days of being puffy and in pain, I am pretty sure that my parents were sick of the morose Ashley, the one who despaired of ever being pain-free.  The one who kept thinking about all the homework she had to do still and wondering when she’d be able to eat solid food and read again without nausea.

A good attitude is necessary for healing, as are good medicine and good nurses (shoutout to my parents).  So, now with a good attitude, I’m going to heal super fast. I’ll be able to eat the pizza that I’ve been dreaming of soon – and not a blended up version, it’ll be the kind you have to chew.  mmmmmm.

I’m pretty sure the odds for me living through wisdom teeth removal were pretty high.  So, I’m not alive against all odds physically, but spiritually, I am.  Emotionally, the odds are always stacked against us.  When I look at all the horrid things in the world, all the things that bring people down, I am amazed that the entire world’s population hasn’t given in to despair yet.

But then I remember Jesus, and how the fact that He is alive against all odds gives me a reason to live and hope.  Few people have died and come back to life, and I don’t know of anyone else who has been dead for three days and come back to life.  I definitely don’t know anyone personally who has been resurrected.  (If you do, please let me know.  I want to interrogate them.)

So then, after realizing that Jesus’s alive status makes my life 100% more worth living, I wonder what exactly drives the people who don’t believe that He is Lord.  or that He loves them.  what possible purpose could there be in living if there is no redemption in sight?



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