a little bit at a time, shoe boxes, and a day off

Four weeks = one month = the amount of PSEO work I need to make up this weekend.

It’s a hefty load, so I don’t blame you for asking why I’m blogging.

My philosophy about homework (when I have a four-day weekend to get it all done) is that when done in smaller amounts with greater concentration, it’s more manageable.  Basically, this just means that I get to take more breaks and eat snacks while I work.

Every now and then I discover something about myself that reminds me that I’m definitely cut out for being a writer.  Today the discovery was that I love being home alone. This isn’t a new realization, but the point was reiterated today as I made my own dinner of macaroni and cheese (not from a box, we use real milk and cheese here) at 4:00, when I was hungry.  (actually, my hunger is perpetual)  I don’t mind a quiet house at all.  Can you say “introvert”? The time to recharge and be alone with my thoughts and schoolbooks and Jonathan is priceless.  I treasure people, and I use the word “treasure” for a reason.  Treasure implies that you really value it – like a gigantic ruby necklace from a pirate’s booty – but you take it out sparingly and treat it with great care.  Alone time is more like sterling silver jewelry, for everyday wear.

And by everyday, I mean everyday.

The time I spent with humans today was great, too.  Waking up without an alarm makes me a happier camper in the morning, so at 9:30 when the coffeemaker started it’s loud grinding business it wasn’t a bother.  Actually, that noise is never a bother.  My mom and I decided that it would be a good day for waffles, so the waffle maker made an appearance along with peanut butter and chocolate chips to top my waffle.  Then, in order to work off my high-calorie breakfast, Adam and I went rollerblading.  For November 3rd in Minnesota, the sun has made a surprising number of appearances – and snowflakes have been extremely shy!  But when has weather ever been predictable here?

Since packing shoebox gifts for kids in third-world countries is one of my favorite parts about Christmas, we also made a trip to Dollar Tree.  I have never seen it so well-populated in there, but I suppose since they have anything you could ever need except for anything high-quality that makes sense.  Saying that reminded me of a bumper sticker that I saw once:

Anyways, Adam and I were able to find all the hygiene items(toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, combs, and DEODORANT), stuffed animals, wiffle balls, and hard candy needed for three gifts for boys 10-14 years of age for a grand total of (da-da-da-da-DA!) $19.00.   It was a Christmas miracle.  We decided jointly that even though the boxes are going to young teen boys, everyone needs a stuffed animal – so there’s a stuffed monkey, a dog, and a bear that are going to cuddle with some sweet boys around the world somewhere.

I just wish I could be there when they open them.  I wish I could add a hug to the box.


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