Red and Purple.

It’s another of those days where I’m tempted to focus on the negatives, even though my day hasn’t been altogether horrible.  Actually, much of it was positive and not too full of stress and duties.  My mom set the coffeemaker last night so that when I woke up this morning, the only effort I had to put into getting my brain going was to get out the creamer and pour the juice of life.

Strange how the smallest of things can color your day. like a headache.  My extra wisdom that’s been residing in my gums for a while is now trying to wedge itself out, but that’s causing some pain in the temple areas – for days at a time – which makes me want to pay someone to dig the wisdom out right now.  Maybe it’s just because you can’t get away from your own head, and it’s the center of thought and processing – and I spend 7 hours at school everyday thinking and processing.  It’s coloring my day a flourscent shade of red.  Or, should I say that I’m allowing it to rub its red felt-tipped marker all over my day.

I need a new marker.  Purple.  It’s a nice and calm color.  I’m mentally painting purple all over this day, making it purple.  Purple is meditative, happy but not too bubbly.  It’s not in your face, and it doesn’t say things it regrets.

I’ll be purple for today.


In other news, I miss my Granddaddy right now.


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