short and sweet, with illustration.

A whole weekend gone by, and I haven’t blogged yet.  What did I do, you may ask, instead of my favorite pastime?

I won’t even mention homework, because that’s like the raincloud that always hangs overhead without ever relieving its burden of raindrops.  You know I had homework.  You know that I didn’t particularly want to do it, but I did anyways.

Friday night was victory night in volleyball, meaning that we live to play another day.  Saturday’s 2 hours committed to calculus did absolutely nothing for me, which means that I’m in for an early morning tomorrow to get assistance.  So, I dressed up with Adam and went to a costume party where we drank green punch (not pond scum like I thought, but ginger ale, orange juice, and food coloring) and ate pretzel sticks masquerading as broomsticks.


Cheap, simple costumes are the best.

As I do have an early morning tomorrow, I’m going to have to keep this brief, but I did find a verse to add to my list of favorites this morning.  I had some extra time after I got ready for church (sometimes it’s better to not wash your hair.  No one will know, no one will care.) so I read Daniel’s prayer in Daniel chapter 9, and this part stuck out to me.

We do not make requests of you because we are righteous, but because of your great mercy.

As if God needed to be reminded that I am not righteous.

As if I needed to be reminded of God’s great mercy – oh, yes that was the application I was going for here!  And this is what I will be remembering as I make my requests tonight.


One thought on “short and sweet, with illustration.

  1. We talked about Daniel chapter 9 at church yesterday! And the prophecy that Gabriel brings to him later in the chapter – the prediction of when Jesus will ride into Jerusalem for Holy Week. Remind me to tell you about this later, it’s really cool.
    Love the post! Love the costumes! Love you!

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