morning reading, nineteen-eighty-farm, and freedom

This morning I pulled on the ribbon bookmark in my Bible to get to my spot in 2 Kings.  Sometimes I think that reading my Bible first thing in the morning isn’t a good idea, and those thoughts come on days like today, when the heading over the section I have prescribed for myself to read (for my edification and learning and spiritual growth) is “Ahab’s Family Killed” and the following heading is “Servants of Baal Killed.”

Granted, Ahab and Baal aren’t my favorite people.  I’m not sad that the deaths happened since Baal and those who worshipped him had some pretty abhorrent practices.

But, then again, I wasn’t thrilled to read the gory details as I munched on my raspberry and chocolate chip muffin this morning.  I’m thinking that I need to adapt my morning plan to start with something a little lighter – then make my way to the killing of the prophets of Baal.  I’m not opposed to reading about difficult things because I know they’re a part of the story, but I think that easing into that might be a good idea.

Now that you’re all updated on my Bible reading plan…

I think I’m stuck in paper-writing mode – my sentence structure, the words I’m using, they all scream “FORMAL LITERATURE ANALYSIS PAPER!”

I need to just get some slang out.  shake paper mode:

yo, wazzup, homey.

See, even there I’m using punctuation?

I think grammar and comma usage and proper use of the semicolon is just so engrained into my character (yes, my character, the very depths of who I am) that I can’t shake some of that.  I have a grammar handbook where other people have street smarts.  Not that paper-writing doesn’t take a natural toll on me – it does.  I just asked my dad to read my “Nineteen-Eighty-Farm” paper.

Yeah, it’s actually on 1984 and Animal Farm, but the distinction got lost somewhere between my brain and my mouth.  Wouldn’t that be a handy way to combine the two?  I mean, they’re so similarly themed – in three specific ways that I clearly stated in my thesis…. but I’ll spare you.

Anyhow, now that the paper is completed, I have a free night.

Let me repeat myself:  I have a free night.


F-R-E-E: without obligations, tasks, appointments, engagements, or anything of the sort.  I can sit and watch TV if I want to.  Now, here’s my struggle.  How do I best use this free night?  My other constant mode (in addition to grammar mode) is productivity mode.  It’s hard to put aside my to-do list completely, since there’s probably something I could be doing that would prepare me for life better or fulfill a task that I have to complete…  I’m thinking of a couple things right now.

Maybe this night isn’t as free as I thought.

Also, this song makes me tear up: “Forever and Always” by Parachute (not to be mistaken with a certain curly-haired, country songstress)


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