hearty, full, and sunny

It’s cloudy outside today.  It’s one of those sleepy days where, try as you might, naps claim you if you close your eyes for more than a blink of your eyes.

Snow is also threatened today.  Just flurries, but it’s the first snow of the season, which means that many more are to come.  I would rant about how it’s not even Halloween and snow belongs at Christmas, not the middle of autumn, but will that really do any good?  I feel like that will only make my attitude worse about the impending snow.

So I’ll just deal.  Hey, I live in Minnesota – and love it here – so I’ll take the weather in stride.

Remind me that I said that when it’s -30 degrees outside, and I have to scrape ice off of my car every morning.  I’ll make this my goal for this winter: to complain about the weather less and instead be glad that I live in a state where we have four seasons.

I might need reminding of that.

Speaking of staying positive, you know those people whose presence you can’t be in without leaving rejuvenated?  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that those people (at least in my life) are some of the most Jesus-filled people I know.  It’s a contagious overflowing of the peace that comes with knowing God – and the joy that results from that.

I’ve called those people “salty salt” before..  (if you’d like to know where the term was coined: https://kalossplanchna.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/salty-salt-setbacks-and-scrubbing/ ) they’re the kind of people that add flavor to my life.  simply being in their presence encourages me to see God’s goodness more in the small things in my life.

I was just talking to a salty woman a few minutes ago, and she is the epitome of the “joyful Christian”.  you know what I mean: the type where people actually think what’s different about her? when they see her vibrancy.

I think it’s easy to assume that when people say that Christians should be different it means that we should smile more, be encouraging to people, and give pats on the back when needed.  all on our own power, because we think it’s what makes a difference in others’ lives.

If I live like that, I will be empty pretty quickly.  Running on my own steam gets me to the shallow end of the pool, the end where words mean nothing and smiles have no real joy to back them up.

“But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on that law he meditates day and night.”

Psalm 1:2

delight: the look in a child’s eyes when he sees the dinosaur-shaped cake at his birthday party.  delight: Great pleasure.

I think that in order for me to be salty and contagiously joyful, I must delight in my God.  Take great pleasure in the God of my salvation.

I delight in you, Jesus.


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