More. More. More.

I don’t really believe in coincidences, so when I heard the same song three times on different radio stations as I was flipping around, I took it as a sign.

You can say I’m reading in to something that was probably just another one of those overplayed songs – but this one isn’t really overplayed these days.  I think it was a message to my stressed-out, anxiety-ridden, exhausted-to-the-max self from my sweet savior.

“More” by Matthew West – it’s a song I’ve heard countless times before, but the reminders it’s providing today are enduring.

And I want you to know that I’m not letting go even if you come undone.

I very nearly came undone a few times this week.  Late nights, early mornings, feeling stressed that I might not wake up to my alarm clock – so my body woke me up at 4:30 just to make sure -, lots of responsibilities, tons of homework, overcrowded brain.  At times I feel like that old scarf that’s has loose threads.  The threads get snagged on hooks and caught in car doors and pulled on my little children until the scarf starts to unravel.  Pretty soon, what was once beautiful and fulfilled its purpose of keeping its wearer warm is a mess of tangled threads.

I’ve had loose threads this week, times when I wondered if I still possessed a brain.  Having the picture in my head of Jesus tying the loose threads, hanging on to me even though I’m too distracted to hold on to Him makes me look back on my week in a different way.  Where was God putting little blessings in my path that I completely missed?

This post is of a completely selfish nature, as I need to look back on my week with new eyes.  Here’s the challenge, remember 10 specific instances where God held me together or put an encourager in my way.

1. During one of my volleyball games today, as I was standing at the net, yelling about where the other team’s setter was and how many hitters were in the front row, Number 3 looked me in the eye and asked, ” Is your hair naturally that way?” It’s not at all normal for people to speak across the net, unless you know the people on the other team or something aberrational happens, so I was taken aback.  I’m sure my “yes” sounded strange.  Then she smiled and said, “It’s really pretty” shyly.  How random is that?

2. Yesterday, a woman to whom I had been referred as a babysitter called and said she feels really good about having me watch her kids.  She’s been praying about it.  She pays $10 an hour.  I’m pretty much broke.  It’s a good partnership!

3. By a miracle, when I threw recommendation forms at two of my teachers yesterday and pleaded with them to finish them by today, they both said they would be able to.  And they wrote very nice things about me on the sheets to add to it!

4. This morning, I had forgotten to set my alarm, but – by a complete miracle – my friend texted me back at 6:32, and the buzzing woke me up.

5. The post office stays open til 4.  That is a blessing in itself, since I had to have something postmarked by today.

6. My North Park University application is complete – minus transcripts – so that’s one less stressor.

7. I have time to blog right now.

8. I got to go to my Bible study this week.

9. I understand Calculus – for the most part – right now!  (This is one of the biggest miracles of all.)

10. I get to go to bed now.  :)

Praise God for His faithfulness to me, even when I’m not even looking for Him to bless me, not even really allowing Him in my day – but hanging on to my stressors instead .




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