we played a little rummikub.

The leaves have made a carpeting over my driveway that crunches whenever I drive over it, but it was 80 degrees out today.  I remember my Biology teacher saying that the leaves fell because it got too cold for the xylem and phloem to keep going and so they just died…  This is not consistent with nature as I have seen it this fall.  Either way, it makes my drive to school that much more gorgeous.  It makes me wish that I was a gifted photographer with a nice camera lens…. and lots of spare time in which to take pictures of the beauty.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the talent or the time, so I’ll just thank God for the loveliness as I see it and take snapshots in my brain.

In other news, my grandma and great-aunt Shirley are upstairs playing Rummikub.  (Chloe doesn’t think that’s a word…  obviously she’s sheltered from the world of fun number games.)  In between bouts of homework, I played a game with them since I’m at school all day while they traipse about with my mom – shopping, eating, laughing, shopping… shopping…  We say that they shop so much because we don’t have tax on clothing in Minnesota – but it’s really just because they love to shop.

I love my grandma and my great-aunt.  I know I’ve mentioned that before.  Having extended family around is just such an infrequent occurrence  that when it happens I get warm fuzzes galore.  Affection runs rampant.  Happiness abounds.  Plus we eat a lot when we have people in town, and that makes everyone a little bit happier.

At school, it’s Spiritual Life Week, and that basically means that we just go chapel-crazy for three days.  I wish it could be Spiritual Life Year, that our school would be passionate and focused year round.  We’ll get there, eventually.  It may be after we graduate, but some day we’ll be mature enough spiritually that our lives are about Jesus.  Today, the speaker was talking about how he was a reject in high school -thought he was cool until someone else told him to stop trying to invite himself to “cool people” outings.  He didn’t belong, and he let people determine who he was and what his value was rather than letting God define Him.

I was thinking while he shared this Dude, you are trying to build rapport with your audience right now.  Do you really think we’re going to take anything you say to heart if you tell us that you were a reject when you were our age?  which is totally off-base, of course.  I was being just the same as those people who labelled him.  and that makes me think: who have I labelled?  Who have I written off and not taken a second look at?

The sad thing is that I know I have done that.  I think everyone has.  It’s sub-conscious sometimes, we just think that someone else will be more prone to like their personality – even though they never have anyone to hang out with.  I know that not everyone has to be your best friend, but there’s a certain level of kindness and decency, the basic stuff that we’re taught in elementary, heck BEFORE elementary, that everyone should be shown.

I don’t think that was our speaker’s point, that we need to be more careful about trying to determine who people are and “putting them in their places”, but that’s what I got out of it.  FUnny, God can speak completely different messages to different people – using the same words.


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