Unimpressionable… really?

You know those people who act like no matter what you do, you won’t have any impact on them?  It’s like they’re unimpressionable.  You’d think – at least at first – that anything you say or do would simply roll off their back, go in one ear and out the other.

So, maybe it doesn’t matter how I treat them?

That was a misconception I had to check myself on today.  Funny how easily I forget that people can put on façades as easily as I change clothes (about 4 times this morning).  Ashley needs to get it through her thick head that everything I say or do (or fail to say or do for that matter) has an effect on the people around me.  Not that I’m just so impactful (is that a word?) or influential, but it matters how I treat people.

Whenever I think about this, I always go back to all those Chicken Soup for the Soul books I read as a kid.

Devoured, more like it.

I’ve always liked reading pieces where you can connect emotionally with the subject, and those stories of reflection on hard times, neat people, and rampant emotion fed that craving.  There were dozens of stories about people who likely had no idea that a story was being written about them.  They may not have even known that they impacted that kid – they were just treating people the way they knew was right.

Going the extra mile, not simply in another’s shoes, but trading shoes with them so that the other person could walk better.  (Are you still following my train of thought?)  The “impactee” may have been the unimpressionable type.  They may not have let the “impacter” walk alongside them.  So, in an effort to serve, the impacter trades shoes with them.  He makes it easier for them to walk, even if he can’t walk alongside them.  He gives them something to take with them, something to leave a mark on their lives.

I hope that makes sense.

Today was one of those days where I woke up and thought school?  mmm, nope.  My throat hurts and my head might explode if I try to stuff more knowledge in it.  So I waited an hour and half (and a dose of ibuprofen, sudafed, and Dayquil later) to go to school.  I’m fairly certain that most of the things that  came out of my mouth didn’t make sense.

On a brighter note, my kind neighbor helped me get some of the toilet paper out of the trees in my yard with a golf ball retriever.  Take that, pranksters!  I developed a deeper relationship with someone I have lived next door to for 17 years because of you.  I should actually be thanking you for making such a horrid mess in my yard.  (actually, I won’t be thanking you anytime soon.)

On an even brighter note than that, I have officially become addicted to Spotify.  (this is going to be another one of my shameless promotions…  I should get paid for those.)  I’ve been listening to Mat Kearney’s new album (ah-mazing, in case you were wondering) mixed together with Gungor, Dave Mathews Band, Camila (yes, they’re Spanish), Adele, Jack Johnson, Mumford & Sons, and – of course – Switchfoot.  and it’s FREE!  I have no idea how that can be legal, but I’m just glad that it is.  And I will most definitely be using this to help me get through my homework.


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