Let’s try something new… how about a movie review?

I’ll cut to the chase: if you have to pay for it, don’t see “Abducted.”  I may have been destined to think it was ridiculously stupid since I don’t particularly like Taylor Lautner, but regardless, at the end I felt bad for the people who actually had to pay to get into it.  Lucky girl that I am, my boyfriend gets free movies since he works at the movie theater.

The whole point of Mr. Lautner getting chased by all these people was because of some stupid “list”, and I just realized that we never even found out what the list was!  Adam and I enjoyed making fun of the unrealistic dialogue and counted how many times the former werewolf took his shirt off (surprisingly only twice.  I bet his paycheck reflected that.), so it wasn’t a waste of time.

Other ways I didn’t waste time today: doing approximately 7 hours of homework/college applications – with breaks for sustenance in between and laundry.  It’s amazing what you can get done when you spend the entire day at home.  I cooked two meals today – giant pancakes for breakfast and macaroni and homemade cheese sauce for dinner – I even wore an apron.

It felt very independent to be my own food source, but I’m sure that if I had to fend for myself for every meal I wouldn’t cook that much.  Or I’d rack up a huge grocery bill buying tons of fun things to cook that I’d be completely broke.  On days where I do things for myself and accomplish every thing on my list, it’s easy to think that I’m self-sufficient, that I don’t need others’ help.  That I’m quite the human being.

Then I get sleepy and remember that I have limits and a need for Jesus.

Speaking of being sleepy, this will be a short post.  My pillow is calling me.

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