Lightbulb moment

“Detail your car while the sun shines and the weather is temperate.”

-Proverb by Ashley

I take pride in keeping Audrey clean and well-fed. She’s like my child. (since it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to actually be responsible for another human being’s life right now, I  instead baby my 11 year old vehicle.  It’s not even equivalent to having a pet, but oh well.)  About once every two weeks, she gets vacuumed out and Windex-ed.  Trash is for the trash receptacles, not for my dear, sweet car’s interior.  After I got all the sand and dirt and grime out from Audrey’s carpeting and mats, I decided to windex the outside of the windows.  While I did my from windshield, I realized how dumb I was being.  I have windshield wipers and wiper fluid to take care of that one!

Then I remembered that I was out of wiper fluid and finished cleaning the windshield with the Windex and paper towels.

That was when the lightbulb turned on.  I can replace my OWN wiper fluid! I thought.  I have no idea how to do that, but wouldn’t my daddy be proud?

Keep in mind that I am not familiar with an automobile engine AT ALL while reading the following story:  I found the button that pops my hood easily enough, and I felt under the hood for the button thingy that you have to push to make it open all the way… ( Isn’t my terminology fabulous?  )  A few minutes later, with greasy fingers and a hood that was successfully propped open (I can’t even tell you how cool I felt standing in front of my car with the hood open, looking at the engine… even though I really had no idea what I was viewing.) I ventured into our completely disorganized garage in hopes of finding wiper fluid.

I found it.

(This is the part where you clap.)

Hang on, wait for the really good part.  I looked around for a cap labelled “wiper fluid,” but apparently Japanese-made cars use symbols instead.  I opened the cap that looked most promising, poured the wiper fluid in, and tried out the squirter thingy.


That may seem like a  pointless story to you, but I needed to share my success story. There’s something extremely satisfying about figuring things out without the assistance of the owner’s manual.  I almost understand the stereotypical man who doesn’t like using maps and directions and manuals, but then again, I feel successful when I do something well according to the directions too.  I almost changed my aspirations from “international journalist” to “engineer” or “grease monkey”, but I know that just because I can change my wiper fluid doesn’t mean that I have the potential to do anything more spectacular in that area.

Stick to your strengths, Ashley.

One thought on “Lightbulb moment

  1. i totally am with you..keeping the car clean and everything. absolutely am in love with doing that.
    and hah..i was laughing out loud at this because i can just see you standing in front of your car, with the hood up, and in your success mode. hahaha :) love you ash.

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