The balance between godliness and responsibility… And some spontaneous Christmas spirit

As I drove home from my volleyball game to tonight, I found myself with a very full heart. God has been so gracious to me, and after I released some endorphins playing volleyball, I couldn’t help but thank Him.
Those are some of my favorite moments, driving alone in the dark and having a conversation with Jesus.
I would have liked to continue that, to come home and (after cleaning up a bit) grab Jonathan and play some worship songs. It would have been nice to get to write in my prayer journal for a while.
To spend some time feeling peace in God’s presence. To set aside the cares of my day and revel in His goodness.
Unfortunate, I had calculus homework that called my name too loudly to be ignored. And current events are due every Friday (thank goodness for the 10:00pm news to help me finish that one.) along with some reading about a Supreme Court case.
I’m a responsible student. I do my homework – and fairly quickly considering the myriad of assignments I was given. By 10:15, homework was put to bed, and I was about to give myself the same treatment.
Then I started wondering, am I too responsible? Am I so structured and careful about getting schoolwork done that I neglect my relationship with God? Maybe my priorities are skewed in thinking that I must get my homework done before spending time with God. Granted, Jesus and Ashley have a regular date every morning. And if I have anything else on my mind during that (like a massive amount of homework waiting for me when I finish), I have intense difficulty focusing on what I’m doing.
I think God deserves to have my full attention. So, maybe the answer to this is that I was right. Get homework done before you settle down with Jesus.
Then again, I might just be trying to justify my choice to get my homework done. Funny, I never thought I’d have to justify a choice to do homework.
Life has some unexpected twists and turns.
On another completely unrelated note, I am anticipating Christmas with much excitement. It seems pretty far away right now, especially since autumn begins tomorrow, but whenever a Christmas song comes up when my iPod is on shuffle I get a happy feeling in my heart and think of twinkling lights and snowflakes softly falling and cookies and a Christmas tree. And I think of being at church on Christmas eve, singing “silent night” as everyone holds their candles-the only light in the sanctuary- and marveling at how God sent Jesus to be born in such a humble manner.
For me.
“I celebrate the day that You were born to die, that I might one day pray to You to save my life.”
-relient k

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