a day of bad smells

clarification: not a bad day.  Just lots of bad smells.

We walked into Brit Lit today to find the the room smelled like a fish bowl.  (my teacher was very dismayed to hear that, as you can imagine.)  And that was just the beginning.  Then, on the way to hang out in the PSEO lab, my friend, Annie, and I encountered an awful, burning smell.  It was like burning popcorn and rubber all together – apparently a science teacher had burned something for her class…. and the smelled permeated the entire hallway, making us gag and run as fast as we could into the stuffy little room we call home for 4th hour.

Bad smell #3 was on the way home from physical therapy (where my physical therapist rubbed my stinky feet) when, as my windows were rolled down on the freeway, a truck bearing some sort of animal with gross animal smells blasted past me and blew stink into my little car.  Audrey was never meant to house smells like that.  So, I just left the windows down and waited patiently until I reached a better smelling area.

Then, I went to volleyball practice for moral support…. they all smelled pretty bad.

Gas stations smell bad too.

No matter, the aroma of my day didn’t affect how it went.  I’m getting started on my senior year list (since I only have 249 more days until I graduate).  SO far, I have taken on (1) leadership role and have given (1) unsolicited back massage.  We’re making progress, people.  Slowly, but surely.

My AP government teacher has a horrible habit of printing handouts that are not 3-hole punched.  So, Annie and I took it upon ourselves to make sure that he would NEVER forget again.

we made him a poster!

sharpies and posterboard.

"have you 3-hole punched today???"

He just laughed when we made a special delivery to his room.  It now hangs at the back of his room so that he’ll never forget again.

If he does forget, we have a backup plan.







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