missing bobby pins…. where are they now?

My mom says that I leave a trail of bobby pins around our house.  It’s a mystery to me how they could fall out of my hair so easily, but, someway or another, they leave the company of my massive hair.  Because of this, about once every year, I have to replenish my store of bobby pins at Walgreen’s.

So now, the interesting question is posed: where are they now?

Here are the suspects:

could they be in here?

or here? have fallen out in my sleep?

could they be in my closet?

in my messy bathroom?

or in my smelly gym bag?

It’s like the socks that go from hamper to washer to dryer but never come out of the dryer.  (In case you’re wondering – as I was until about 1st grade when I heard a song about it that cleared things up for me – they go to “Laundry Land”, a place for lost socks.)  I bet my poor little bobby pins get sucked up by the vacuum cleaner most of the time, or they get taken out with the trash.

Just something I was thinking about as I looked at my depleted stock of bobby pins this morning.

I woke up this morning with a full awareness of how I’d spent my weekend thus far.  The strains and soreness attributed to 6 volleyball matches over two days made me question whether it was really worth it to get up for church.

Of course, it was.  Once I got coffee and a chocolate chip waffle topped with peanut butter (such a good combination.  really.) into my system, the prospect of church seemed like a very good idea – a thought that was confirmed once I got to church.

Inevitably, the reality of taking two AP classes and a PSEO class no one’s ever taken before and also captaining the volleyball team and joining student government has set in this past week.  If I have a spare minute apart from volleyball or school,  it’s spent doing homework, eating, or sleeping.  Social life?  Well, that basically happens at school.  Resting?  7 hours of sleep a night will have to take care of that.

I’m definitely more of an 8+ hours type girl.

So, needless to say, this has all accumulated into a permanent feeling of stress.  It’s like someone has stuffed my heart and lungs into a mesh bag that’s a little too small for them – making it difficult to breathe sometimes.  And, what do you know: my pastor talked about “Avoiding Unnecessary Stress” this morning!  It’s part of a series of sermons that he calls, “PEACE UNDER PRESSURE.”  I call it the PUP series.

Funny that he didn’t mention AP classes and PSEO as “unnecessary stress”…

What he did mention was comparing yourself to other people.  I’ve done that before.  I think I did that this past week… a few too many times.

Comparison leads to conformity, he said.

True, since when I compare myself I usually decide that I want to be whatever that other person is that I am not.  Silly, because when I do that, I make a little box for myself that says that I cannot be anything more than what that other person is.  I decide that I have to be what they are because I like what they are.

Brooke and I spent a lot of time talking about that this summer.  We both have some problems with making too many commitments, saying “yes” to too many good things.  We had to remind ourselves that we don’t have to do everything that is good, because we’ll see people who spend a lot of time baking, or making handmade birthday cards, or serving at a homeless shelter, or doing children’s ministry, and we instantly think:  Look how awesome that thing is.  That person is so great for doing that.  I have to do absolutely everything that is good, so I am going to jump right on that bandwagon and make myself as stressed out as possible.  I am going to spread myself so thin that I will never be able to do anything well.  I’ll just do all these great things halfway and in a sub-par manner because it’s not at all what I’ve been called to do!  

That doesn’t sound healthy, does it?

I’ve learned about myself that I have to resist the temptation to think I have to be Gandhi and Mother Theresa and my sister and everyone else who ever helped mankind in any way because #1, I don’t have the talents and abilities that those people have, #2, I don’t have the passion about it they have, and #3, I have my own calling to attend to.  And that should consume my time. I can only answer my own call – I can’t pick up everyone’s phone and join the conversation.

And with that, I will begin to check off homework from my list.



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