sharing, brainwaves, and calculus

Our helpful English teacher is requiring our entire British Literature class to write a college admissions essay.  Haivng someone to grade it before an admissions counselor reads will be helpful, I think… unless her conclusion is that I will never get accepted with my essay.

Hopefully that isn’t the case.

So, in hopes of having a topic dictated to me, I went on my top college choice’s application and looked at the essays.

there are FIVE options.

count em, five.

One of them is how I would make the college a better place, one of them is a generic “got anything to tell us?” question, and I don’t remember two of them.  Only one of the questions captured my attention.  “Who has influenced you, and how?”

Hi, I’m Ashley, and I have a looooooooong list of people who have influenced me.  Let me just start off the list with my parents, whom I love very much.  Then I’ll move on to my sister, who set the bar high and apparently looks just like me.  Things get a little crazy when I get to all my friends from childhood through high school, but they had an influence on me, so I can’t just skip them!

Moving right along, I’ve had numerous fabulous teachers in both public and private school – and at church.  Oh boy, now we’re getting to church.  There’s quite a few there.  Lots of lovely, influential people go to my church.

I’ve gone quite a ways down this pathway when my teacher brings up the – very valid – point that one of the most typical things for people to do is to write about family members or friends or coaches who had a positive influence on their life.

Well, shoot.

No one wants to be THAT KID who writes the same essays as 300 other kids.

Especially me.  I have an innate desire to be completely unique because I have a firm belief that I am unique.  (If you haven’t noticed this by my sense of humor by now, you soon will, I’m sure.)

Then it came to me.  I don’t need to write about a positive influence, per say.

How about a person who I don’t like?  How about a person whose actions frustrated and repulsed me at times?  Someone who I saw as fake and overglorified?  Because, even though I – obviously – didn’t like this person, I am a better person because they were in my life.

So, that’s my brainwave for the day.  Now I’m actually excited to write this essay because I believe that I’ll be on the more unique side of college applicants.

I added a new link on my blog to a blog that I keep for school, writing about whatever my Bible teacher suggests for the week. is where you can find more of my writing, usually about philosophical, ethical topics.  It’s not quite as “free-range” as this one.

But everyone in my class has a blog now.  You know how I mentioned before that I like to be unique?  Well, I’m not anymore.  Now everyone has a blog, and I have to learn that it’s okay.  I can share.  Enthusiastically.

In other news, I’m not sure that I like calculus.

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