Optimism, positivity, happy thoughts

Today is one of those days where the bad things that happen flood my mind and make me forget all the wonderful moments. So, instead of wallowing or waxing eloquent about the stressors and such in my life, I am going to force myself to make a list of ten positives from my day.
Ten blessings.
Ten happy parts of a day that ended in frustration.
1. Lunch with one of the most encouraging teachers that I have
2. My hair looked decent. (after the first one, it’s becoming a lot harder…. Can you tell?)
3. My homework load was minimal.
4. I met a friend to have breakfast – and ate the most delicious, sugary-wonderful pancakes, PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP.
5. Jesus is faithful and he never gives me more than I can handle.
6. I got to witness the B-squad and JV victories for volleyball.
7. My friend brought me a “victory muffin” after my game- even though it could more aptly be named a “consolation muffin”.
8. (this is becoming more difficult now) my mom made potato soup for dinner.
9. I get to go to bed as soon as I get my foot out of this bucket.
10. Tomorrow is a new day, one that may just be a great day. Anything wonderful or fabulous or encouraging may happen tomorrow.
I’m determined to look for the good in Wednesday. Any little thing that is positive- I will not miss it. I will not miss God’s goodness to me.
Bedtime is the gateway to a fresh start.

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