Un pocito.

“I hear the Savior say, ‘Thy strength indeed is small. Child of weakness, watch and pray. Find in me thine all in all.'”
Being comatose sounds good right now, being without thought or responsibility. Enjoying sweet slumber-in a completely non-morbid way. I’m not asking to be put in a coma, just in case you got that idea.
The closest I want to get is going to sleep, which I will be doing shortly, but I just thought of something that needed a little processing.
In that song I quoted, Jesus says, “Thy strength indeed is small.” like He’s been watching, and he sees that my guns are nothing compared to His.
Thanks for that build up, Jesus. I’m weak. I get that.
Then He continues to call me. “Child of weakness”.
Yes, I am weak. I seem to lack the ability to build arm muscle. I get tired after I’ve been awake for only a few hours. Walking from my locker to my classes in the other wing is torture.
“watch and pray. Find in me thine all in all.”
And now I see where the song writer is taking this.
In order for me to rely on Jesus, to watch and pray, to be completely dependent, my inabilities and failures need to be exposed. Otherwise, I won’t see my need.
I’m seeing the need, Jesus. I see it.
Reminders are good.
Just one of my little thoughts from today.


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