late nights, fortune cookies, and laughter

The time is now 11:27 pm, also known as “past Ashley’s bedtime,” but I know that I’m only going to have this amount of free time without homework for 6 more days, so I’m taking advantage of the extra blogging time.

Just a few minutes ago, I found out that my sister is going to be living in an apartment above a fortune cookie factory in the big city where she’s doing her internship.  I’m wondering if she’ll become pithy and concise with her words of wisdom after that.  If the trend of jamming advice and the future into one clever sentence will permeate the floor and become part of Brooke’s speech.

“Hey, Brooke!  How’re you?”

“Happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road.”

“Yeah, but I just wanted to know how you are-”

“Your everlasting patience will be rewarded sooner or later.”

“Can you stop-”

“Don’t ask. Don’t say. Everything lies in silence.”

“Will you just-”

“A single kind word will keep one warm for years.”

Hopefully that doesn’t happen, because she’d frustrate her bosses.

The fortune cookies I’ve gotten the past few times I’ve dined at an Asian establishment haven’t really been fortunes.  They were the kind that tell you your talents or mention that you are good at keeping friends.

Not that I rely on fortune cookies to tell me what’s going to happen, but I just think that they should be true to their name: telling fortunes.

It’s time for an honesty check.  Here’s something real: I didn’t feel like doing anything today.  The humidity and my lack of good quality sleep (I had a really disturbing dream!) made my inner couch potato rise up and say remember those cookies in the freezer?  remember how good they taste while you sit on your butt and do nothing?  Doesn’t that sound like a good plan for today? But I had told someone I’d work for them today, so that was an incentive to get up and leave the house.  And immediately after that, a 3-hour volleyball practice beckoned.  So I dragged myself over there and jumped around for a while.

I had made plans to go visit my friend who lives about half an hour away and to pick up another friend on the way, and I was excited to see them.  But there was a big part of me saying groaning that sitting on the couch and staying home sounded like fun – but I’d go and enjoy it anyways.

I more than enjoyed it.  For one thing, there was cheesecake, but I’m also glad I went because I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks.  There are different stages of laughter for me; the most intense one sounds like I’m a dying mouse since my gasps for air sound like squeaks.  And I probably look like I’m weeping.  But at that point, I don’t care, because I’m adding years to my life by laughing.

I’ll give you the moral to the story before I take my tired self to bed: Sometimes, our lazy human nature tells us that solitude is the best way to recuperate after a long day.  And sometimes that’s valid.  But, the company of godly people – who are very funny, by the way – is one of the most invigorating experiences.  I think Satan uses exhaustion to make us hole up in our houses and to neglect to meet with people who have the capacity to pour God’s love into our lives.  Then we get into a cycle of being without fellowship and accountability – which never ends well.

On that note, I am going to bed.

One thought on “late nights, fortune cookies, and laughter

  1. Here was my fortune from the cookie I ate tonight: “You and your wife will be happy in your life together.” I’m not joking. We laughed pretty hard at that one :) Sometimes the cookies just get it wrong!
    I love you. Good post! And I somehow don’t expect to start speaking fortune-cookie lingo. It’s not all as wise as you might think :-)

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