fairy tales and reality.

fairy tale: If I took the time to organize my entire room, I would be able to keep it clean much easier.

reality: It would take weeks to organize my room entirely. And by the time I got the last bit organized, the first bit would be a mess.  My life is a cycle of attempted organization.

fairy tale: If I put it on my “to-do” list, it will get done.

reality: I put things of highest priority on my to-do list, and I end up doing lower priority things that aren’t on the list.  Thus, I never check things off of my list.

fairy tale: I don’t have any clothes!  (this is what I think whenever I look at my closet, dresser, or the drawers under my bed.

reality: when I finally went through my closet, I found a whole bunch of clothes that had gotten pushed away from the front.  I feel like I just went shopping, but my wallet is still happy.

fairy tale: Cinderella and her prince would work out.  The fair lady who was locked in a tower lived happily ever after with the knight who rescued her.

reality: There were probably quite a few arguments, misunderstandings, big blowout fights, and compromises required to make that happily ever after even become a possibility.

Have you ever thought about how different a knight would be from the fair lady he’s rescuing from a tower where she’s been guarded by a dragon for the past 5 years?  (This morning, after my pastor mentioned something about “happily ever after”, I got to thinking about this.)

Let’s make a list of all the differences.

1) Mr. Knight is a bachelor.  Not only a bachelor, but one who has been living with a whole bunch of other knights learning how to slay dragons.

2) Fair Lady has been living in solitude for the past few years.  She’s probably either incredibly shy from the lack of human interaction or a time bomb ready to explode from pent up conversation.

3) Mr. Knight has an insane sense of duty.  He will ride on his horse thousands of miles to this tower to rescue Fair Lady, just because he feels an obligation to do so.

4) Fair Lady has had absolutely no responsibility for anyone but herself these past few years.  She probably has no inclination to do the things that a housewife is expected to do – maybe she doesn’t even know what society asks of a knight’s wife.

5) The knight is a dude whose been trained for war.  He is anything but gentle and charming.

6) Fair Lady is just that… fair, and a lady.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

And apparently when Mr. Knight rescues Fair Lady from her tower, it’s supposed to be so romantic, like when he bursts into her tower room – probably smelling slightly burnt and sweaty, all clad in his heavy, unattractive armor – it’s love at first sight (which I, for one, do not believe in.  Maybe attraction at first sight, but not love).  Who knows if he’s required to actually proposed or if it’s an assumption that when someone rescues you like that you automatically get hitched?  The flaws with this story are endless.

Which is sad, because it’s sweet.

If the knight was really the chivalrous type of knight that they were supposed to be, and not like most of the other knights of his time, and if he was a gentle and kind guy, he might be able to sweep Fair Lady off of her feet – an action that assumes that Fair Lady has been able to exercise and eat healthily during her time in the tower.  And if Fair Lady is sensible and has a good head on her shoulders, maybe she’s kept verbal by having conversations with people who aren’t actually with her – without losing her mind.

Okay, maybe sometimes it could happen.

Maybe the fairy tale could be reality.

Maybe the relationship could still work out, even with such glaring differences.


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