the Christmas spirit of an idealist… in August

Two-year-olds are so funny.  Really.  I asked one to pick out one last book to read before bed, and she brought over a Charlie Brown Christmas. 

Little cutie doesn’t know that it’s August. 

So, we read about how Charlie Brown can never seem to do anything right, and how in the end, he was the one who realized that there had to be more than what the others were celebrating.  And I started to wish for Christmas.

In Minnesota,winters are harsh and unforgiving… and long.  And usually by Christmastime we have at least a foot of snow and windchills that do just that… chill you. 

The Christmas I’m picturing in my head takes place walking down a lighted city street at night.  Snow is falling gently to the ground, and it’s only cold enough for your cute winter coat – no heavy duty attire needed here.  Store windows are lighted up, and I have a full wallet to shop for all those on my Christmas list.There’s a manger scene in one of the shop windows, and people aren’t in any hurry to purchase their gifts, because there are two weeks til Christmas still. 

The streets aren’t crowded, and Christmas carols are being played through the speakers in the planters – covered by snow at this point.  Since I’m dreaming, I’ve also found the perfect pair of high heels – not too high since no one appreciates it when I’m 6’3” – that click as I stroll happily down the sidewalk, carrying three big paper shopping bags, all containing things for my family.

When I know someone well, there is nothing I like better than picking out a gift for them. Not just going to Target and having a grumpy cashier load $15 onto it so they can get whatever they want.  It’s a hunt for me.  A thrilling one.

So, now that I’ve had this whole Christmas daydream, I’ll get back to this muggy day. I’m not going to wish for snow yet.

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