garage band, Koine Greek, and the alphabet song

With my limited knowledge of tools, I know that there are a few you need to have at all times.  Hammer, align wrench, screwdriver, and – the most valuable of all – Google.  That last one came in handy when I was filling out an incredibly long and detailed form (so that I can play volleyball this year), and it asked for “next-of-kin”.

Do these questioners know that few people (aside from my relatives down south) use the word “kin” or even are able to guess what it refers to?  If I didn’t know and had to guess, I’d say some kind of food or a body part.

Either way, I figured it would be safe to put my mom down for that one, but – just to be sure it wasn’t asking for my children (non-existent thus far) or a deceased great-grandmother – I googled the term.

And now I’ve forgotten what Google said, but my point is that I am far more independent for having access to Google.  I had texted my dad asking what “next-of-kin” was, but I sent a quick follow-up “I FIGURED IT OUT!”

He was so proud of me.

Then I thought, does using google to make myself independent of other people really make me independent?  because I’m still not completely figuring this out on my own. 

On the one hand, I did come up with the idea to google on my own, but, on the other hand, somebody else had to post the definition.

Maybe this makes me interdependent.  (spellcheck didn’t go off, so I’m guessing I’m not the first one to come up with that word.) Either way, I was glad that I didn’t have to use my Macgenius boyfriend to figure out how to edit songs on garage band today.  With the assistance from a random lady on youtube and some trial-and-error, I successfully morphed 8 songs into one.

Then I grabbed some Greek yogurt and set out to learn the Greek alphabet, the parallel of Greekness being a total coincidence.

the grammar and workbook

that swirly one is called zeta… does that look like a letter to you??? I didn’t think so.

My book said that the only way to learn the Greek letters (thank goodness there’s only 24 of them) is to write them and say them out loud at the same time, over and over again.

So I sat here in my kitchen, enjoying the peace and quiet that being home along brings, and said “alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, beta, beta, beta….. omicron, omicron, omicron…tau, tau, tau… chi, chi, chi…”

I think it helped.  I’m not sure.  All I know is that, dumb as it sounds when I sing it, the Greek letters fit perfectly into the alphabet song, even though their names have more syllables.

And now, since it’s 1:42, I’m going to go check the mail to see if my special new Superfeet insoles have come.


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