play counts, haircuts, and bug bites

An itch is a sensation that I cannot fully describe.  It has a sort of burning feeling to it, but it also sort of tickles. Basically… it itches.  My bug bite, that is. They always get me on my legs, which frustrates me.  Then I accidentally shave over them and make myself bleed.

It’s not a good situation, easily remedied if those darn mosquitoes would just find something they prefer to suck rather than my blood.  I honestly don’t see the appeal in relying on something that can (and will, if given the opportunity) kill you for your food.  But, hey, I guess that’s why God made me human.

I’m a human who is really hungry right now too.

lunch. all veggie... practically salad without the lettuce

I had that bowl of green stuff for lunch, and it didn’t last long, I guess.  My eating patterns are reminiscent of a vacuum cleaner, except I won’t eat whatever is put in front of me.  I’m picky.

Oh, and I got my textbooks for PSEO Greek today.  I know, you can’t hold back your enthusiasm, so just leave me a comment about it.

Have you ever had those conversations with people that you wish you could replay so that you could hear exactly what you said and see what kind of general theme your words seemed to have?  To know what kind of impression you were giving off?  I had one of those today, while I was getting my hair cut.  Katie, my stylist, and I were talking up a storm: about movies we’d seen recently, how she just broke up with her boyfriend (a guy who seemed to not really care about her much…  not worth her time in my opinion), school, and, of course, hair.  The swirling clouds of conversation parted when, after I told her about how I was taking a class in Biblical Greek this semester, she said, “I have one of those somewhere. [a Bible]  I’ve only read part of it.  The last book, I think.  Revelation?”

“The most confusing one?”

She laughed, ” Yeah.”

And, all of a sudden, my stomach burned, a sure sign that this was an opportunity for me to not mess up this opportunity to share about my faith with her.  But, then again, I remember that she is a human being, not a computer that just intakes data.  This may go against those people who think that you have to give the gospel in a nutshell to every person you meet, but I have reasoning for not wanting to shove theology down her throat, down the throat of this sweet girl who says she has questions about Christianity – like about the virgin birth and basically everything after the flood in the Bible – and says that she has accepted Jesus after her sister in law preached to her, who blows my hair dry painstakingly and is nothing but sweet to me… and also told me that I look like Taylor Swift.

Shouldn’t I show her that I love her?

(I mean, as much as you can love your hair stylist after only talking to her about twice.)

I don’t think that love jumps at the most convenient opportunity to wax eloquent about exactly what they believe and why they believe it.  For one thing, I’m not exactly positive that I could do that sort of speech justice.  And that wouldn’t give a clear picture of what a life lived with Jesus is like.  I don’t have everything figured out.  I come up with new questions everyday.  I’m still realizing that God isn’t something to be figured out – since He’s so beyond anything that I can understand or comprehend – but that what I do know of Him shows that He deserves my complete affection and devotion.

How exactly do you convey that without monopolizing the conversation and boring the person to death?  I think this is a practice that I have yet to master, but I sincerely hope that I didn’t botch this one.

But, in the end, it’s not about me, what I say and do.  God can not only use my mistakes;He can maximize them for His glory.  Maybe telling her that if she was looking to read a part of the Bible it would be better to start in John than in Revelation wasn’t what some people would have done, but it’s the Bible, right?  God can speak volumes through that living book. It’s not about what I do, but the fact that I am obedient and that I do not deny Him.

And I’ll see her again.  Her haircuts are not the cheapest, but I think that to have a chance to talk to her and show her love, that I care about her and that God does more, and that God is the One who drives my actions – it’s worth the extra cash.  I think I’ll be starting a new fund.

her haircuts are good too... probably worth the extra cash

“Dark Horses” play count is at 15 now, just in case that tidbit interests you.


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