sneezing. hot irons, and french bread

Dear beloved readers,

Never touch hot irons. Never. Even if it’s an accident. Don’t do it. You’ll just end up with a puffy burn-thingy on your finger, and it will hurt so much that you just want to cut your finger off.

Don’t touch hot irons.



Okay, now that I’ve given my safety tips for the day, I just have to say that when I bought fabric yesterday, I picked the most wrinkle-prone fabric in the world. I went over that thing like 20 times with the iron (I’m pretty sure that’s not an exaggeration either.), and it’s STILL wrinkly!

tools for the job... notice the menacing hot iron lurking in the background...


more ironing....

and even more ironing...

Darn cupcake fabric.

You know those times when you wake up at the appointed time (9:15) for me today, and you think hmm, I could get up now. I think I’ll just lay here for a minute while I muster the will to get out of my nice bed that has freshly washed sheets on it. So you lay there for another minute, fully intending to rise in about a minute. But then your eyes close and you wake up fifteen minutes later, feeling perfectly well-rested.


I honestly have no idea, but, this morning, it made the difference between sleepy/confused and clear-minded. so, when I popped out of bed, said good morning to Brooke, and took my morning pills Groggy would not have described me.

Even so, I never skip my coffee.

So, then comes the part where I burn my finger, completely by dumb accident. I swatted the side of the extremely hot vintage iron that my mom bought at a thrift store years ago, realized a slit second later – when the pain came – that I had burned myself, and instantly did a weird skippy/gallop thing to the bathroom where I rinsed my fingers off in cold water. All the while I was thinking, stupid, stupid, stupid.

In an instant, I caused myself at least a week of discomfort.

Then, after finally getting most of the wrinkles out of the fabric – being more wary of the iron this time – I looked up a recipe for french bread.

Then I went upstairs and discovered our desperate need for flour.

definitely not 3 1/2 cups of flour!

And I remembered that I need to go let the dog out (the one I’m dog-sitting… at someone else’s house since my mom doesn’t really do furry animals). So, I let Honey out on my way to Cub.

I have never made such a fast trip into the grocery store. Seriously, people, this was fast like the Flash. Partly because I had no makeup on and was wearing a blue and orange tie-dyed t-shirt, partly because I just wanted to get home and make bread.

Then I went to the gas pump and watched more of my hard-earned money get poured into my mom’s gas tank.

And here I am, listening to my blogging playlist again (it’s conducive to good, thoughtful writing, I’m telling you.)

Now playing: “Beautiful Things” by Gungor.

Have you ever sneezed while driving? It makes me nervous every time I feel a sneeze coming on. I always think I’m going to swerve into another lane of traffic or miss the fact that the light is red or hit my head on the steering wheel and pass out. None of these have ever happened, but nevertheless, I think about them.

I wish I could imitate my sneeze for you right now. (come on over, I’ll do it for you.) because it’s a pretty funny sound, nothing like my dad’s sneeze (we call it the “angry pirate” aaaaaaaaAAAAARESCH! maybe we should adapt that name to “angry, German pirate.”), but i kind of gasp before I sneeze, like I’m afraid of it or something.

I was just thinking about how to give some purpose to this blog post, since all I’ve talked about is basically the activities of my day. Then I remembered an activity I have neglected to go.

You probably guessed it.

My Bible is still sitting in the same place I left it yesterday morning, and I’m disappointed in myself for forgetting again. I’m not a fickle person, not prone to leaving projects unfinished or to be disloyal or to neglect promises.

Perhaps it’s just because I know that God is gracious that I am more likely to forget to spend time with Him. People? Their schedules are quite a bit less flexible. They don’t always pick up their phones, and it’s not always possible to can’t a lunch date. SO, I put God on my back burner at times, thinking that I’ll get to Him when I get to Him.

What kind of attitude is that towards the person who created the universe but still wants me to spend time with Him? a pretty ungrateful one, in my opinion.

So, without further ado…

I did it.

And now, it’s a couple hours later, and the fabric project is finished… and my bread is about to be put in the oven.

yeast, salt, and the juice of life, plus the recipe

dough getting made

look at me! I'm using a sewing machine for the first time!

the bread's hiding because it's rising.

inside the bread tunnel

And that has been my day. So far.

You know, (well you didn’t know til now, but I am about to fill you in.) I’ve been thinking about some things – surprise surprise, I think quite a bit. Funny thing though, even though I spend all this time thinking, most of the time I don’t think before I speak. Now, why would that be? I end up saying stupid things or using the wrong word or saying something that can be taken the complete opposite way of what I meant.

Which is why I wish I could always speak by writing. I have so much time here to plan out what I want to be broadcasted to the world, rather than the two seconds that is customary before you respond to someone’s remark.

what have you been doing this week?

(in my head, I’m wondering exactly how much they want to know, and, depending on my relationship to them, what is appropriate to divulge. Then I come up with a list of vague highlights that make me seem like I am just like every other teenager in America who is on summer vacation.)

oh, you know, just hanging out, spending time with friends, seeing movies, going to bed too late. hahaha, gotta kick that habit soon!

I could’ve told them about my time with my family, that I have been cooking a little bit more than normal, heck I made french bread today, that I recently replaced my camera and discovered that I have an affinity for taking pictures (note: I didn’t say I had talent… just a liking for it!), or I could have mentioned that I’ve been blogging like a maniac because I enjoy writing so much.

But, no, I don’t say that. Because I’m afraid that it’s too much to say, that normal people are vague and assume that others aren’t really interested.

So, I just tell you people all the interesting details. At least… I hope they’re interesting.


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