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I heard a commercial on the radio today while I drove to meet my friend for lunch in which the child receives a thesaurus for his birthday.

And he is disappointed for some reason.

The mother is ecstatic about the gift, and she tells him what it’s used for (looking up new words!).  He replies using “new words” to display his discontentment with the gift.

I do not understand this child!  I had a little daydream (while keeping my eyes glued on the road and my hands at 9 and 3) about opening a brand-new, hard cover thesaurus on my birthday.  (March 3 in case you were wondering when you buy the thesaurus.)  In this daydream, I am thrilled.  I flip through the pages and sigh, thinking about how many times I will get to use it and how much learning will ensue from this incredible gift.

Then I pictured myself opening a rhyming dictionary.  Similar response, but with more enthusiasm.

So, in case you were wanting to buy me a present, here’s an idea.

Or you could get me a remote control.

There’s a story behind that one as well.  I am watering one of my mom’s friends’ flowers for her this weekend while she is out of town, and this entails a quite complicated process.

1) unlock front door.

2) get garage door opener from inside

3) open garage door

4) unlock door to backyard

5) water flowers (that’s the easy part)

6) relock door to backyard

7) close garbage door (this is the part where I click the garage door opener over my shoulder and feel like I should be wearing a spy outfit and that instead of closing the garage it should blow it up)

8) unlock front door again

9) put garage door opener inside

Basically, using that remote control made me feel like I had all the power in the world.  And I’d like one to help me clean my room.

Ah, the simple things in life that send my imagination on a day trip.

I just saw a t-shirt online that I really must share with you because it made me laugh out loud.  Then I’ll tell you about my summer jobs.

I almost bought this.

This weekend is full of babysitting for me.  Full of watering plants.  Full of letting dogs out.

Three jobs, one weekend.  Hopefully this is lucrative.



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