hankerings and another gluten-free adventure

I’ve got a hankering to get Jonathan out and play to my heart’s content.  I want to go outside and sing at the top of my lungs, drinking in the summer night – which is quickly becoming an endangered event.  I don’t want  to play for an audience, just to strum without inhibition or a need to impress anyone… not that I could impress anyone with my limited, self-taught selection of chords.

I wish I could pick songs, note by note, because I just love the sound of that, but I can only do that with “Ironman” and “Smoke on the Water.”  Not exactly crowd-pleasers, plus I don’t know the words.

That’s one craving that’s in my heart right now, the other one I’m satisfying right now, with my fingers on Macky’s keyboard, pouring out some thoughts.

shopping queens :) bedecked in aviators and laden with fossil-esque purses

it was hard to get on the pan... sticky stuff, that rice flour

in the OVEN!

quality ingredients

proud of our crust, aka labor of love

isn't that just gorgeous?


I wasn’t craving gluten-free pizza tonight, but I’ve found that these gluten-free recipes surprise me every time by actually tasting good.  My aunt, who is gluten-intolerant and eats very health-consciously, says I need to get some more protein in my diet.

I hadn’t ever really thought of that before, that I might need to supplement my meatless diet (meatless because the whole idea of eating animals grosses me out and makes me want to gag… unless it’s chicken nuggets or the occasional hot dog) with some extra protein.  She asked me if I got tired easily, and that sounded like my tendencies… Add to that the fact that I can’t build muscle in my arms even if I pump serious iron, and there is a case for eating more protein.

SO, I will be making some dietary changes, which will likely give me more energy and make my life better.  Thanks, Aunt Laura.  :)

Funny, I never would have seen that my diet was lacking if she hadn’t said anything.  Which makes me think of a parallel in my spiritual life.  I’ve been thinking for a while about asking someone at my church to be a mentor to me because, even though my family life is great and I love talking to my mom about things, I feel that it could be beneficial to have a person outside of my life with whom to share my life and my walk with God.

You know how sometimes you walk around with a fragment of lettuce stuck right between your teeth for hours, flashing your (not-so) pearly whites at people all the time because no one has had the decency to reveal to you that there is something seriously wrong with your smile?  I feel like that relates to how I live life sometimes, not realizing that there is a better way I could be living until someone else enlightens me.

We’ve talked about this before, but I definitely want the best for my life.  Honestly, don’t we all?  Some of us just think that we know best rather than our Maker.

Right before summer began, my Bible teacher challenged our class to invest in someone younger than us and ask someone who is a more mature Christian to mentor us.  I had someone all picked out in my head that I thought would be perfect but never remembered to ask her when I saw her.

Okay, Jesus, do you have someone else in mind?

I’m going to go get Jonathan.




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