Salty salt, setbacks, and scrubbing

I can’t eat mashed potatoes without salting them first.  It’s the one food that I don’t even taste before I go for the salt shaker.

Salt and potatoes.  Mmmm, such a good combination – french fries? salty.  baked potato? salty. mashed potatoes? salted right after we thank God for them.

Jesus knew what He was saying when He called Christians the “salt of the world” in Matthew 5.  Salt is a preservative, salt adds flavor.  I’m just starting to understand how exactly that applies to us as Christians.

Funny, because I remember one school year where we had at least 4 chapel speakers from various churches and ministries that spoke about the same thing: being the salt and light of the world.  Count em, four times.

You’d think that would be enough to get it through my thick head what it means to make the earth salty and bright.  (honestly I was going to write, “salty and lighty”, but then I remembered English class.)

Society often views Christians as stuffy and pious, not at all like the flavorful people we are intended to be.  Much of this is our fault for understanding our faith as “duty” rather than the vibrant lifestyle it is meant to be.  But if you have ever met a salty Christian, you know that all hope is not lost that people will see Christians as they are because those salty Christians shake grains of flavor into our lives.  And those grains inspire us to shake onto other people the flavor we’ve experienced by being in the presence of God and God-followers.

We’re meant to flavor the world!  Here’s a grain of kindness, an extra smile to light up your day.  Here’s a grain of compassion because I know the God who makes hard situations better.  Here’s a grain of patience because you probably struggle with things that I don’t even know about – which is why you just cut me off in traffic.  Here’s just a little bit of what I’ve been given in Christ, a grain of salt, a shake of flavor.

Have you heard the song, “I’d like to buy the world a Coke”?  I think we should change it to  “I’d like to give the world some salt.” If we truly lived the salty lives that we are called to, Jesus’ reputation here on earth would be much more accurate to who He is.  Plus then we could all raise our salt shakers while we sang it instead of a Coke bottle.  Far more creative and flavorful, like Jesus, don’t you think?

I’m going to be salty when I go to Target in a few minutes.

Confession: sometimes I get nervous going into Target because they don’t have self-checkouts.  Then I remember that I’m salt and that I can shake some salt onto my cashier, and that boosts my confidence, even if I am buying a random assortment of makeup, flowers, and hand soap.

The flowers and hand soap are in preparation for having guests at my house.  (the makeup is just for my face.)  In addition to making Target runs, I have been cleaning my room so that it’s presentable as a pseudo-guest room for my cousin to sleep in.  It is a hard task, let me tell you, because I’m an organized person, but I’m not very neat.

That probably confused you.

Let me explain: I know where most things are, and there is a distinct reason that it is there most times.  When I travel, I hyper-organize.  But in my room, you will find stacks of seemingly unrelated papers and calculators on my desk, there used to be a tangle of 8 different yarns on my floor, Piglet is facedown on the floor on the other side of my bed, and my closet can barely close because I just shoved my gym bag, a paper bag with clothes in it, and my sleeping bag into the already crammed interior.  But, I maintain that I am organized.

Either way, we’ll just say that I had my work cut out for me.

Today is one of those days where I have to trust God.  Oh, wait, I need to do that everyday!  I guess today gives me an explicit reason to do so.

As you already heard, I was at volleyball camp all of this week, trying not to overdo it with my achilles tendonitis, but still working and sweating hard.  Melissa, my physical therapist whom I adore, told me I overdid it.  (I don’t adore her for saying that, but more because she’s just really nice and funny and helpful.)

Thus, the setback.  I’ll be in therapy til the 30th instead of having my last appointment next Friday.  And volleyball starts on the 15th.  I’m a Senior.  I’m a captain.  And I might not be cleared for the first week of practice.

I’ve been through all the scenarios in my head, and few of them end up with me playing a successful season without missing anything or having another setback.  So, now I trust God that His plans for me are not what I would make for myself, but that they are BEST.  Even if they don’t include being completely healthy.  Even if they don’t include doing things the way I’d like to.  Even if it makes me want to cry to think that I might miss something I love.

His ways are higher than my salty ways.  And my setbacks are really His way of pushing me in the direction that He wants me to go.  And so I welcome this setback, more therapy with Melissa, whom I adore, and whatever God is going to bring my way because of it.

I think that makes me salty.



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