Achilles, onions, and low blood sugar

Reality strikes when you smell something being stir-fried in the kitchen – the reality is that I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten for hours. In perspective, there are people in the world who don’t eat for days in a row because they don’t have the means.
Okay, fine; I’m blessed.
Taking a look at the disruptions of my happy life, ones that seem painful and undeserved at the time, I see that, for the most part, I live a charmed life. I have a sense of entitlement in my life that makes me think that I should be immune to or exempt from any sort of difficulty.
This is absurd thinking, of course. And it’s not that I’m a pansy. I don’t shirk at discomfort. Pain? I tough it out. Emotional trauma? I think about it for too long, journal about it, blog about it, tell somebody else, pray about it, and eventually figure out how to solve the problem.
I’m not a wallower. But I’m not the Hulk either. Does anybody fit neatly into a category of weak or strong? There are certain things where I am more strong and some where I lack fortitude. That’s why labels are so hard to place on myself. I should also find it a challenge to place them on others, since I know that appearances are deceiving and dot fully represent an individual, but I definitely label people more easily than I should.
Something I should learn is that everyone deserves a chance to show me their entire self before I decide who they are and if they’re worth my time.
Wait, shouldn’t everyone be worth my time?


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